Fadi Apueta (@fexfide)

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A person with a passion for travelling, Fadi Apueta is driven by his desire to explore his expertise. Fadi Apueta is a professional advisor and leads in the world of hospitality in Israel as well as Poland.

Born in Jerusalem, Israel on June 17, 1982, Fadi Apueta currently resides in Bethlehem City in the West Bank. Fadi pursued his education from the Glion Institute of Higher Education in Leysin, Switzerland. He graduated with a Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Operations in the year 2002, right after completing his high school. Soon after getting his diploma, Fadi went on to pursue his education and received a higher diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management in Switzerland from the Swiss School of Hotel and Tourism Management. His educational journey did not end there, and he eventually moved to England in pursuit of his goals. From Manchester Metropolitan University, Fadi achieved a BSc (Hons) in Hospitality Management.

After achieving several milestones in education, Fadi finally decided to apply all that he had learnt and started to explore the world of hospitality. He began his journey by working at a five-star hotel in Dubai as a night/Duty manager. The experience he gained helped open several doors for Fadi in pursuit of his career. He soon found an opportunity that allowed him to manage a new hotel in Bethlehem called the Shepherd Plaza Hotel. Working at the newly established hotel gave Fadi a chance to apply all his theoretical knowledge regarding hotel management. Today, the Shepherd’s Plaza is very popular among tourists. It is a 10 story building which is situated in the heart of the city of Bethlehem. Fadi not just runs the hotel but is also a proud owner of the four-star family-oriented hotel. Under the extremely competent manager, the hotel won the Traveler’s Choice award in the year 2019 and ranks at number 4 of the 27 hotels based in Bethlehem.

Having a practical life and a stable job did not stop Fadi from continuing his education, and he soon enrolled for an online MBA course from the International Business Management Institution in Berlin, Germany. His hunger for success also drove him towards joining The Atlantic International University to receive a Doctorate in Hospitality Management.

Fadi can be followed on the social media platform Instagram as @fexfide. On Instagram, Fadi is followed by over 39 thousand followers. He has a little over 450 posts thus far, that are met with immense appreciation and love from his many followers. Through his Instagram profile, one can tell that Fadi is a fan of the ‘Joker’ character from Batman. He has posts dedicated to the character, where he expresses his admiration for Joker’s role and his dialogues from the movie. Among his favorite dialogue is ‘If you are good at something, never do it for free’.


In his leisure time, Fadi enjoys playing sports. He is a fitness enthusiast, and many of his Instagram posts feature him at the gym and working out. There is a highlight section on his Instagram which is solely dedicated to fitness and working out. It has photos of him posing alongside gym equipment.

Fadi deeply enjoys travelling and has travelled to many exotic locations. Of the places he has visited are Prague and Slovakia. A highlight section of his Instagram titled ‘Travel’ has photos that feature multiple airports, the inside of airplanes, and also photos of the airplane soaring above the clouds. Another section from his highlights titled “around da globe” is a collection of photos from different parts of the world. In the highlight, one can see short video clips of various theme parks, unique cuisines of different places, beautiful waterfalls, and videos of local musicians playing their instrument and singing along. He post the various pictures on his Instagram page.

Alongside his work and professional life, Fadi tries his best to give back to society in whatever way he can. On a yearly basis, Fadi helps 40 families to spend Christmas comfortably in Bethlehem. He does this by selling the people’s hand-made olive wood crafts in Europe and improve their sales so they can celebrate Christmas with the people they love. Fadi believes in working hard to achieve one’s goal. He feels that if one is willing to learn, no power in the world can stop him but himself. He encourages his followers to be fighters and keep fighting to pursue their dreams.

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