Michael Howard (@foehuned)


Michael Howard is an artist, musician, writer, entrepreneur, and a public figure. He is mostly known by his self-given name “Foe Huned”. He has released many songs and continues to impact many listeners through his music. He is the CEO of his own company Lets Roll Records which offers marketing and distribution to other artists.

After going through a difficult time in his life, Michael decided to dedicate his future to make an impact on the world. He focused on his music and started to build a fan base. He dropped everything and moved to California to start his new journey. He then proceeded to write music and released his first single with Rich the Kid called Motorola that successfully reached 100,000 streams. In 2017 he partnered up with Priority Records to make his début in the music industry. He made many records with them and gained vast knowledge about the industry. Soon he realized he wanted to start his own venture. That is when he left Priority Records to set up his own company. He signed and released Lets Roll Records’ first album. He invested in a Billboard and decided to advertise their first achievement on it. Unfortunately, within twenty-four hours someone set the billboard on fire. He felt devastated to see his first promotion of the company go up in flames but little did he know how this will unify the community against the hate crime. After this incident hit NJ12 News, many people came forward to show their support. Not just his friends and family but many local entertainers went on social media to speak against the heinous crime and to show their support. This led to A&R to get in contact with him. A&R is a company responsible for publishing music and scouting new talent. It was a huge turning point for Michael and his brand.


Excelling in his genre of Hip Hop and Rap he has written and composed many songs over the past few years. Songs like Ain’t Loyal and For a Reason are two of the songs up on his manager’s YouTube channel Eat Creep Trap TV. These songs have over 24k views altogether. Furthermore, he produced and released songs like God as my Witness, Less you know, Outside, Boyz and the Hood, and more with various artists. On July 13th his new album B4TL2 will release on all social media platforms.

Apart from being a talented musician, he is also a great dad to his beautiful daughter. He believes his biggest achievement would be to become the best father he could to his little “princess”-as he likes to call her. On his Instagram @foehuned he posts adorable pictures of their father-daughter duo for his 10k followers. Furthermore, he posts about his upcoming projects and actively voices against the discrimination the black community faces. He recently released a song collaborating with OctaneThisThatGas and Flamz called In These Streets that focuses on conveying a message that being hateful is never the answer. Including this track, there are several other songs Foe Huned has released with OcataneThisThatGas in the year 2019 such as Sweet Lady, Bounce Bacc, Rich Dreams, and more. Both these artists are collectively known by the name 5 Strains.

A musician’s biggest asset is their songwriting skills. Fortunately, Michael is a skilled writer. The way he transforms his words into a lyrical masterpiece is quite astonishing. He always believed his words need to reach out to a bigger audience that is when he devoted his time to writing and producing music. He separated himself from the negativity and focused entirely on working hard. Even though, his life took an unexpected turn he did not give up. Instead, he got back up on his feet and worked towards making a future for himself and his daughter.

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