Majid Shidvash (@majid.shidvash)

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Out of all professional fields in the world today, nothing comes close to the level of ruthlessness and trials that the sports sector does. Not only does one need to be strictly mindful of what they intake, watch out for their health, maintain a rigid fitness schedule, but also have to try their hardest to get drafted for competitions and then make sure they do their best to emerge victoriously. Athletes have it really tough and therefore, it is all the more satisfying to see them prosper and reach the goals they had aimed for. Because risks in sports are a given, and only the bravest dare to face them.

Majid Shidvash is one of the many brave souls who dedicate themselves as athletes for the majority of their lives. A dedicated athlete and fitness model, Majid has gradually amassed a respectable following influencing those around him. Majid has been taking care of fitness routine from a young age and continued to build upon his physical strength throughout high school and university, where he was a professional goalkeeper for the school teams. Professional dieting played a key role in him acquiring the physique he has today, the results were tremendous and majorly apparent ever since.

Majid has been trying his talents out at some of the world’s biggest competitions, securing 2nd place in the Middle East Physique Competition as well participating in other contests namely ‘The Arnold Classic Ohio,’ commonly referred to as the Arnold Sports Festival or the IFBB Sports Festival, an annual multi-sport event consisting of professional bodybuilding, strongman, fitness, and figure weekend extravaganza where people from everywhere participate to test their mettle. Majid has received multiple opportunities for acclaim throughout his run at this competition. In 2017, he was crowned as one of the top five fitness models for the competition, as well as becoming a contender for the top spot in other associated physique categories.

It was after the competition ended that all finalists were invited to a dinner party hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger in celebration of their hard work and untiring efforts. That night went down as one of the most memorable occurrences in Majid’s life; a truly unforgettable event in his professional career. Majid has since been in constant contact with celebrities, even becoming a professional fitness consultant for some. His work provides him with many opportunities to interact with and guide celebrities into adopting a better lifestyle, by eating healthy and maintaining a proper workout schedule. They revere him and Majid is a trustworthy name in the world of fitness, a coach that tries to solve problems for each of his clients as per their tailored needs.

Majid’s routine is relatively ordinary despite his intense training. He makes sure he takes out the time to hang out with his friends despite his busy schedules and frequently posts pictures of himself with them. Majid can also be seen documenting his travels as he goes from place to place, posting pictures of beautiful landscapes and ethereal scenery, and an appreciation of natural beauty. Besides his outdoor escapades, Majid is always up for an indoor challenge, creating personal records in fitness in his gym, crushing those numbers on the weights, getting an intense leg workout, going for a run in the beautiful outdoors, etc. Fitness is not difficult to achieve if you have the determination for it. You can make use of whatever resources you have and work hard to obtain results from it that will be satisfactory in the long run.

Majid loves to interact with and guide his social media followers. He frequently puts up posts as well as video snippets of himself on his daily workout routine. To find out more information about the amazing Majid Shidvash, admire his profile, follow his diet plan, or just interact with him, be sure to check him out on his Instagram account: @majid.shidvash.

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