Edgar Castillejos (@edgar.castillejos)


Edgar Castillejos is an entrepreneur and business advisor based in the US. He has been in the business industry for quite some years now. He has learned a lot throughout this time and has built many new relationships and connections. He is a hardworking individual with a kind heart who hopes he can help others in need of it.

Edgar has always had a business-oriented mind. Ever since he was a school going kid, he always had big ideas and bigger dreams. He was a bright child in school who was quite popular among his friends. As he was growing up, he wished to discover what talents he might possess and began exploring. He tried out different things before landing on music.

Edgar always had an ear for good music. Moreover, after he started singing along to some of his favorite songs, he discovered what a beautiful singing voice he has. His loved ones were amazed and encouraged him. He also learned how to play instruments like the piano. He developed and perfected his skills and was enjoying himself. Despite him still considering music a passion of his today, he did not wish to pursue it.

Edgar was looking to start his own business to be his own boss. He researched to find out where he felt there was a gap in the market and discovered there was a lot of potential in social media marketing. Edgar is a people’s person and understands how to communicate with others to see what their needs are. He has been using that to help him grow his business, B&E Social Media Marketing Agency.

He has worked with many clients in the past few years since founding the company. He has learned how to professionally develop relationships to keep his clients happy. People respect him and his opinion as he is now quite a knowledgeable person in the market. He has quickly been rising to fame due to the success of his business. He surely knows how to get the job done.

Currently, the young entrepreneur has over 4.2k followers on Instagram, alone. He is also active on other social media platforms such as Twitter. He makes sure to try to upload content very regularly so he can stay in touch with his fans. He enjoys posting a variety of content showing different thoughts, opinions, and special moments in his life.

Through the success of his business, Edgar realized how valuable everything he learned is. As life went on, he also found out how many other people there were trying to break into the market. Edgar wondered why people with such brilliant ideas were just not being able to see the success they should be. After looking into it, he concluded it was simply because they did not have the knowledge or guidance needed.

Edgar was eager to spread his knowledge to help such individuals. For quite some time now, he has been learning about these individuals through his agency. He took the step to begin offering entrepreneurial advice to them. When he saw the huge difference in the growth of those businesses, he was thrilled. Edgar realized he had to share this with more people – beyond the ones working with him.

On Instagram, he has been uploading content where he sheds light on different topics. Some of the topics he has discussed include how to start a business, how to grow a business, how to make money off that business, and other tips to generally improve business. This content has proven to be very successful as people were happy to receive knowledge from an experienced individual.

Edgar is certainly going far in life. In addition to his business, he also has a history of dealing with foreign exchange earnings. He has spent quite some time learning about new ventures and plans as he is constantly looking to start his next project. Edgar is excited to see what the future holds for him.

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