Anthony Frederick Human (@human8tor)


In an era where junk eating is common, it is really important to identify the cons that might arise by their regular intake. One needs to maintain a balance between a healthy lifestyle and a lazy one by taking proper diet in their meals. With the rising growth of people diverting their bodies towards junk eating, it is no shock to see hospitals filled with numerous patients suffering from internal damage. The damage might be found in bones, or just a gain in weight of a person; obesity. 

Physicians all across the world dedicate their jobs to fixing one by carrying out specialized therapies and treating various diseases that might be the result of old age or carelessness a person holds. Dr. Anthony Frederick Human has been in this field for quite a long time now. He is an International Sports Medicine and Spine physician. He is certified in primary care and did a sports medicine fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic. He completed his studies from A.T Still University Of Health Sciences School of Medicine in 2002. He had been an internee in the Western Reserve Hospital in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. His job extends across working for Kent State University, Cleveland Brown; a professional American football team, King of the cage Martial Arts, Cross Fit games, and Mr. Olympia.

Anthony’s profession today is the result of his passion for studying medicine since when he was a kid. He used to be a collegiate wrestler at Boise State when once he ended up getting badly injured. However, his interest in medicine arose from the curiosity that filled him to fix his injury. Soon he found himself taking up the field of medicine and his passion started stretching towards the sports side as well. He aspired to live a life of great health and fitness and became a gym freak in no matter of time. Besides working for the multiple institutes, he is also a Chief Medical Consultant for HiTech Pharmaceuticals and ALR Sports Supplements. Being a talented writer alongside, Anthony has written articles for magazines like RXMuscle. He has written for multiple textbooks relating to Orthopedic. 

Anthony launched his Instagram official page by the name @human8tor, where he posts pictures and videos regarding gym and fitness measures. It can be learned by looking at his page that to move on with life, one needs special dedication to rest his body too. He uploads pictures of healthy meals and him exercising, emphasizing on the fact that keeping life in balance is equally important for the brain to function. Anthony made progress in the field of health and fitness when he was hired as the leading voice in anti-aging and longevity medicine. He made appearances on several podcasts where he has talked about health as a major ingredient for long life.

Being a consultant for several training programs and training professional athletes and celebrities, there have been moments he truly cherishes. In an interview, Anthony mentions a life-saving stunt he performed. He diagnosed an MMA fighter with a life-threatening heart condition right before his fight and ended up saving his life instead. Acts like these are what makes him proud of the profession he chose for himself. 

Today, Dr. Anthony plays a vital role in saving and making people’s lives better. He works currently in Barbour Orthopaedics where he is excelling at his job, working towards improvements in the health of people. He is renowned for his vast experience of working with various institutions and teams which has been the reason he keeps getting more offers to work under different organizations. Dr. Anthony inspires the youth to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle and to keep fighting with the struggles one faces in life. He is a dedicated human who is not only filled with enthusiasm regarding his field but is deeply concerned about the well-being of the youth. 

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