Yurt Dışında Okumak (@yurtdisindaokumak)


Big dreamers often cannot be confined in a single space. As their vision is too vast, they constantly look for places that are able to fulfill their intellectual side. Often times, the person’s dream destination for such studies ends up being abroad. That itself is daunting; moving to another country, often with a language barrier to deal with, currency issues, housing, rent, navigation, and time zone annoyances. Without guidance, it can become easy for a person to give up completely, or leave midway. To avoid this, people end up spending a lot of money on hiring coaches. Such independent coaches sometimes only do it for the money, and introduce the student to their sponsors. Hence, the student ends up wasting even bigger amounts of money.

Yurt Dışında Okumak is a student-organized consulting service based in Turkey. After spending a hefty amount on private counselors and coaches and being misguided because of the lack of information, the student who had gone to France decided to arrange a free consulting service to help other students wishing to do the same. 

With a lot of time and effort spent into the grueling process of coming up with a strategy, compiling all the information, and establishing a platform, the team at Yurt Dışında Okumak provides free hints, guidelines, and counseling for students wishing to go abroad.

They provide all the necessary information from things as basic as opening a bank account and finding a place of residence to the more complicated steps like visa and university applications and interviews. On their Instagram page, IGTV, and Facebook, they interact with their followers and entertain all their questions. After carefully listening to each and every query, they direct them to relevant people in their network who have experience regarding said issue. 

They also hold live broadcasts online to answer these questions in real-time. On their YouTube channel, they address a multitude of topics to help students. These especially include details of application processes to many different countries like Germany, France, Netherlands, etc. The students also share short vlogs on life in these countries and what hurdles and difficulties to expect if one is planning to move there. They also notify the reasons to apply to different majors, universities, and countries, making hopeful students aware of the advantages of the universities they want to apply to, and the benefits they would get in the long term. 

They remain very realistic about everything they discuss. As they aim to provide free, approachable, and easily accessible details about applying to foreign universities, they are not sponsored. Hence, one can rest assured that they will not be caught up in frauds or scams.

They can be easily approached through any one of their social media platforms, through email and their very own website. On their organized website, they post regular blogs as well as reports filled with valuable information that one would otherwise have to pay for. 

Their project has helped many people in their process of moving abroad and they have been reached out by many grateful students for making things easier for them. Their main mission is to prevent people from having to pay heft and mostly unnecessary fees for acquiring such information, as according to them education should not be a luxury. They wish to help people achieve their dreams in an ethical and productive manner.

Once they fulfill their goal of gaining a verified platform, they wish to expand their plans and devise a way to reach more people. As more and more people engage with the platform, a larger number of students can be guided towards a path they have always dreamed of walking.

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