Willie Rutherford (@trillwillgoldgrill)


There comes an event or a series of unfortunate events in ones’ lifetime that end up defining a person. Now, these events can lead a man to his breaking point, stripping any joy and purpose from his life. The defining question then arises, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to succumb to the pain and miseries in front of you or will you rise above it? Will you choose to do and say what many won’t? Will you choose to say that you are truly better than devolving yourself into a puddle of eternal gloom and despair. Unfortunately, many men do not rise above as it is the harder thing to do; yet this is the tale of the man who did. The man who rose above.

Trill Will Gold Grill, born in Willie Rutherford, Mississippi, has made an unmistakable and unforgettable name for himself as rap and hip-hop artist. He has successfully cemented a firm footing in the music and entertainment industry through his business and entrepreneurial prowess. Trill Will has rejected regressing and becoming a shell of a person, and instead has chosen to flourish into a successful CEO and Founder of his record label and company.


Music was the one thing that changed Trill Will’s life. He started to make music about his everyday life with, as there was no other way of expressing himself and as a result, he nurtured a great love and passion for making music. Now Trill Will Gold Grill has embodied the characteristics of a determined, passionate and headstrong creative, through releasing numerous singles and the album “Thirsty 4tha Paper” which has generated multitudes of loving and loyal fans. The album consisting of 17 songs and has multiple features including Benjamin and Jack, Bankrolldidit, and Playa Fly. Another one of his famous collaborations includes Rasheeda from the love hip hop Atlanta reality show. His music is also popularly available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, as well as iHeart Radio and Pandora Radio Stations.

He goes on to advise fellow up and coming music creators by emphasizing that they have to have true passion and vision and merge these with an entrepreneurial mind that focuses on business strategy and an ability to learn from previous shortcomings. Being the CEO and Founder of his record label “SIP ENT”, Trill Will envisions for it to flourish into a powerhouse that protects and opens doors for its artists. He wants artists to have respect and recognition in the music industry. This all goes to show how Trill Will has overcome his past pains and treacherous life choices, to become the man who rose above. He is now a man of character, honesty, hard work as well as a man of sincerity. This sentiment also comes across clearly on his social media. On his Instagram, with over 16.6k followers, he says “True character building is when you get the short end of the stick but you’re still determined to achieve the success of the long end of the stick”. To continue to engage with Trill Will Gold Grill’s inspiring and positive aura, his social media links are provided below:

  1. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trillwillgoldgrill/
  2. Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/trillwillgg

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