Veronika Kurshinskaya (@kurshinskayaveronika)


There are people in this world who are born to flourish and make their dreams become a reality. Veronika Kurshinskaya, an award-winning filmmaker, producer, writer, and actress, had been interested in the field of Arts and Entertainment ever since she was a young girl. The Los Angeles based, a multi-talented woman showed impeccable and insightful writing ability even when she was a child; her family and friends have been supportive of her since then, encouraging her to be more public about her work. After mustering up the courage to go forth with this plan, Veronika, back in 2008, decided to take a leap of faith and move to Los Angeles from her birthplace Yaroslavl, Russia, back in 2008 – her first step towards achieving her dream. This set her career off.

Veronika started with roles in the world of theatre and plays after graduating from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. One of her first works was when she landed a lead theatre role in the actor’s equity performance “Modern Drama” which was written by Bill Sterritt. And ever since this role, she kept on landing roles – each bigger than the last one. At the Matrix Hollywood Theater, Veronika starred in a one-man show about Maria Callas.

Moving on to the world of films and movies, Veronika has worked with several respected actors as well as directors. For example, Veronika worked with Anthony Cook for his comedy “Wallbobs”, Nick Van Slambrouk on “Once upon a time in the east”, Jon Polansky for “The Closer”, Petra Haffter for her film “Speak Now!” and even Trey Stoke for Moby Dick that starred Matt Lagan, Barry Bostwick, and Renee O’ Connor. It is safe to say Veronika was an instant hit in this field, with her being not only a great actress but a whole well-rounded individual. Veronika made her Hollywood debut with her lead role in the world-famous project the “Vagina Monologues”.

Having worked as an actress for such a long time, bloopers and funny moments on set are almost inevitable. Veronika says she has had too many herself. When she has been filming her role in Moby Dick, she had a scene with veteran actor Matt Lagan where she is on her death bed in the hospital and Matt’s character had to offer her a glass of Vodka; the scene was too ironic to not laugh because Veronika is Russian and it’s a stereotype that Russians love vodka. After the scene was over, they had a good laugh about it and Matt ended up drinking the Vodka.

The Russian actress has worked outside the field of film and entertainment as well. Veronika played an important role in the web campaign for the Parker Palm Springs Resort which was directed by Kiki Augier and Shaquille O’ Neele. Back in the spring of 2012, she was selected as miss Los Angeles California us and went to represent the city at the Miss California us beauty pageant in Santa Barbara. Veronika claims she was honoured to be welcomed and respected to this degree in a country that was not her birthplace. Furthermore, she has stretched her abilities even more and is now a voice actor for the animated series “Lunatics”, voicing the character of Anya Titova, a farmer. Veronika even produced and acted in her self produced the short film “Among Us” that won an award for best cinematography at the IHoly Film Festival. She is currently in process, developing a science fiction feature film foreseeing the world in the next century. The story is an adaptation of her short film.

Alongside being a talented woman, Veronika is also a mother to a baby girl named lulu. She adores her child and Lulu is the source of Veronika’s happiness. It is not easy balancing personal and professional life, especially if you are solely responsible for a child, but Veronika is not only managing it very well but carrying out both mommy duties and work responsibilities very well.

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