Shaista Usta (@shaista.usta)


Shaista Usta-Koseoglu is the epitome of a successful and diverse woman in every sense of the word. She is considered a Jill of many trades as she fluently speaks 8 languages and has further made her bold and solid mark in creative arts industries, all the while gaining global recognition and love from both adoring movies fans and makeup fanatics for her careers in the acting and beauty worlds. 

Since her childhood and adolescent years, Shaista has had an overwhelming inclination towards the creative arts as she started self-choreographing her dances and competing in dance competitions at a national level regularly. Here she groomed her unwavering thick-skin and work ethic which aided her in navigating the cut-throat nature and hardships of the makeup and entertainment industry. 


Kicking off her acting career, she was discovered by the late megastar Bollywood director, Dev Anand. He cast Shaista as the lead in the movie “Main Solah Baras Ki”, this being the first Bollywood film sponsored by Prince Charles of England through the Princes’ Trust. While mastering her role, Usta – being the brilliant and adaptive woman she is – simultaneously learned Hindi, the native language of India, as she is not of Indian heritage. This acting role exponentially catapulted Usta into the spotlight as she has since been adorned and featured in numerous magazines and media including Audrey Magazine, Screen Magazine, Atlanta Journal, and a live interview with BBC Radio, just to name a few! Shaista did not stop there and even diversified herself into the music industry by performing with the globally acclaimed Nelly Furtado.

A more personal peer into Shaista’s life reveals how she became over and above humbled and grateful after her extensive and luxurious travels across the globe while shooting her leading role and subsequently attending multiple international premieres. Her newfound connection with the human spirit is encapsulated in what she calls the “Universal Citizen” approach that details to fundamentally value every individual as an equal regardless of race, color, religion, fame, or wealth. Shaista further finds great passion in cooking and the culinary fine arts and shares her unquestionably mouth-watering dishes on her new Instagram page “@crafty.meals” as a hobby. Usta Is also a proud mother of a son with an entrepreneurial mind akin to hers, as he has his own gaming YouTube channel – looking to go pro as both content creator and gamer.

After living abroad for many years, Shaista decided to return to her US home and extend her studies. Following this, she fell head over heels in love with the beauty world and became enveloped with the idea of being able to morph and shapeshift one’s look and further boost confidence and self-esteem through the power of makeup. This fascination led her into a long-term and flourishing career as a professional makeup artist and cosmeceuticals skin-care specialist. Yet again Shaista stunned all with her tenacity and success in this field as she is conducted frequent masterclasses with huge names like Paul Mitchell and the American InterContinental University. On top of this, Shaista has worked with globally adored brands like Chanel, Dior, Bobbi Brown, Lancôme, MAC, and Sisley-Paris, just to name a few. The collection of all this elite level experience has again solidified Usta in the beauty industry as an unforgettable and highly skilled individual. 

Shaista loves to engage with her fans on social media. She shares with her 6.5k Facebook followers, her favorite brand content in the cosmetic and fashion industry in addition to her own digital content. On her Instagram, with over 9k followers, she occasionally reminisces on her past with her loving fans by posting throwback photos, as well as share her activism on current world issues and challenges, and further releases beauty and health information. She is also currently considering to return to acting! Truly there is no denying that Shaista Usta is an extremely passionate and determined woman who seems to dominate every pursuit she decides to follow. To keep up to date with the shining Shaista, her social media links are mentioned below:

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