Eric Jason Cerda Jr. (@bubstepbbx)


Eric Jason, who is known as the Monkey King on social media, is a beatboxer, video creator, and social media influencer based in the US. He is a talented individual who has been beatboxing for the past 9 years. He ventured off into video creation and editing – which his fans thoroughly love. Additionally, he is serving in the US Marines.

Eric has always been considered a smart child. In school, he was the studious kind who was well respected by others. He has been taught from a very young age about the importance of hard work and determination and so, he has tried to give every project of his everything he has in him. He was surely destined to do big things.

9 years ago, Eric heard about beatboxing and was quite curious and tried it out. He discovered it was a hidden talent of his that even he was not aware of. He began beatboxing for his friends and family, leaving them in complete shock. People were amazed at how good he was. Eric started practicing and polishing his talent more and more. He would beatbox throughout the day and night. Sometimes, he would use beatboxing to help him cope with tough situations by serving as a distraction.

Having worked on his talent for years and years, he eventually decided to take his skills online. He made an Instagram account like any other regular teenager. His close ones encouraged him to show his talent to the world and so, with their support, he began posting beatboxing videos on Instagram. Slowly but surely, Eric’s follower count was growing. Other people were amazed – he sounded as if multiple people were beatboxing with him but no, it was just him.

Through his beatboxing, Eric has been able to establish a strong online presence. Currently, he has over 8.8k followers on Instagram alone. He is also very active on other social media platforms such as YouTube with 7k followers and TikTok with an incredible following of over 1 million fans. He uses each platform independent of the other which has given him ample space to grow as a creator.

On Instagram, Eric shares a variety of content. He shares some of his latest updates to promote himself and his beatboxing talent. He also encourages his followers to check out his work on other platforms to see different content. Eric uses his Instagram to give his followers a peek into his real life.


He has shared important moments with his fans. Eric posted pictures from when he made it into the US Marines as this was truly a big moment for him. He has been sharing more updates from his time in the military. He loves meeting new people through the military and has learned the meaning of hard work and discipline with them. Moreover, Eric is in a relationship and has not shied away from sharing sacred moments. He recently shared a picture showing his proposal to his now fiancé. It was a beautiful moment for the happy couple. Fans love checking Eric’s Instagram for more such content.

Eric uses his other platforms mainly for entertainment creation. On TikTok, he makes humorous content for his fans. This content usually consists of him wearing a monkey suit and performing different challenges asked by his fans. He also has a running series called “Does this Trigger You?” where he performs an act like drinking spoiled milk.

On YouTube, he creates a wide variety of content with the focus on beatboxing. Some of his videos include sharing personal stories such as how he met his fiancé or asking her to go to prom with him. However, the majority of his videos show Eric with his talented beatboxing skills. He also has a beautiful singing voice and has covered some popular songs.

Eric is certainly on the path to great success. He makes sure to deliver fresh and new content to his fans every day. He is loved for being a man with many talents including having a witty sense of humor. Eric is rising to fame and staying humble as he does it.

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