Brian Chin (@brianchin45)


Brian Chin is a social media influencer and car racing enthusiast based in New York, US. He has been in the racing industry for many years now as he started with motorbikes and made his way to cars. Brian has been featured in many magazines for his racing and his plans ahead. He has also been on national TV with major news outlets. He is surely a star.

Brian was a mischievous kid while in school. He was quite popular among his friend group – everyone was sure he would find his way to fame one way or another. Brian started motorbiking after graduating from high school. As per an interview he did with diamond racing, he claims his father got him started in the sport to keep him out of trouble and help them bond.

Brian got so interested in the sport, he began practicing his skill to perfect it and show his friends. He was learning all sorts of tips and tricks from his dad and others in the biking community. Brian eventually made his way into the professional sport and began taking part in many competitions. He was gaining a lot of social media traction as his career was taking off. Brian was truly ecstatic.

One unfortunate day, as Brian was biking, he got into a terrible accident. This accident was a near-death experience. He was devasted – 6 years of his life spent to become a pro biker had been ripped away from him, he felt. Brian’s family had been a huge support to him during his recovery. He did not wish to return to motorbiking after the accident, but his loved ones had taught him from a young age that giving up is not an option, one must persevere.

After his recovery, Brian wished to enter the racing world once more. This time, he made his way to car racing. He already had plenty of knowledge about the mechanics and the industry from before, so the shift was not too difficult for him. Brian started by using the family’s ’69 Camaro. He was racing for new leagues initially but gradually made his way up the ladder, competing with more experienced racers.

Brian has had a lot of work done on the car since starting. He now has an entire team of people working behind him, helping him each race. To date, he has been a part of many competitions such as Cecil Country Dragway, Orlando World Street, Atomizer Racing Injectors Outlaw 10.5 National Championship, and many more. He also took part in the World Cup Finals – a quarter-mile event. Brian has surely gotten his name out there.

Currently, the young racer has over 15.6k followers on Instagram alone. He is also fairly active on other social media platforms. Brian makes sure to upload content very regularly to ensure that he is staying in touch with his followers. His fans love visiting his page to follow every step of his racing journey and his personal life.

Brian’s Instagram shows a wide variety of content. He has uploaded a few photos showing off the love he has for his friends, family, and his dog too. Additionally, Brian tries to encourage his followers by sharing motivating pieces of writing with them. He hopes he can inspire some of his followers to chase their dreams. The main focus on Brian’s Instagram is on his professional career as a race car driver. He has shared many big moments from his career for all of his fans and aspiring racers to see.

Brian has also done work besides racing. He has been on national television with many media outlets. He has been on MTV Cribs, Mind freak by Criss Angel, and more. Recently, he was on Discovery Channel’s hit show, Street Outlaws. He is currently filming for the next season with them and building his relationships in that industry.

Brian is working hard at every moment of every day. Nothing has been able to stop him till now, not even a near-fatal accident. He is hoping to further his career as a racer and an actor in years to come. He is extremely grateful for all the appreciation his fans give him.

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