Frank and Joni Synowicz (@chaosmagicstudios)


Chaos Magic Studios is a subsidiary project under the umbrella company called Synoscope Production owned by  Joni Dobrov and Frank Synowicz. It is a studio based in Downtown Los Angeles dedicated to providing various technical services such as branding, art direction, VFX, CG, animation, and video editing to name a few. They aim to be a brand that provides a platform for people to express their creativity openly, a safe haven for individuals to let their imagination flow. To cater to their clients’ demands they have a plethora of extremely talented and highly qualified young folks who transform ideas into reality. 

Synoscope Production acts as an employer for the contract workers in Chaos Magic Studio, serving as an intermediary between the end client and the worker. Synoscope makes sure that they have the most qualified individuals being hired to work for them. They do this, in order to ensure consistency in the quality of the services provided. This, in turn, not only establishes the authenticity of their brand but also assures the customers that the trust placed with the company is worth it. The production company provides video editors, animators, graphic designers, advertisers, concept artists, and VFX artists to name a few.

Joni Dobrov, an animator and designer running both Synoscope Productions and Chaos Magic Studios with her husband Frank Synowicz. They both have built a company catering to a large range of customers from providing voice-overs to editing and making music videos, they have every service related to entertainment and computer. They have people working with multiple software, for example, adobe suites, illustrator, photoshop, after effects, and adobe premiere. The expertise of not only the employees but the owners as well has helped them build a strong customer base, who greatly appreciate the efforts the brand puts in their work. 

With both individuals having a very impressive resume, it is no surprise they attract so many clients. Frank has been working in the Hollywood industry for over fourteen years, participating in the editing of many renowned movies and tv shows such as Insatiable, Orange is The New Black, The Walking Dead, The Amazing Spiderman and Jinn are just a few examples of the very extraordinary portfolio he has. Besides working on films and tv shows Frank also showcases his talent by designing traditional and digital artwork which can be viewed on his website ( His art is an expression of his emotions which he carefully embosses on a canvas.

Joni Dobrov is not far behind either, she is an established powerful young woman, acting as an inspiration for everyone around her. Starting as just a web designer intern, she now has her very own company and is a freelance worker. Her hard work and dedication helped shape her into what she is today. Her list of achievements involve the rebranding of Chicago based designer Paul Sisti, working on Kiana Nastya’s music video as a post-production manager and launching Chaos Magic studios, the list does not just end here, she has achieved a lot in just a short period. Her accomplishments and the work she produced are viewable on her website (

The Chaos Magic Studios project which is to operate from 2017 to the later stages of 2020. An online content curation agency, the studio exclusively focuses on aspects of narrative story-telling through visual means.  Specializing in computer graphics technology such as CGI (computer-generated imagery) and VFX (Visual effects), the Chaos Magic Studios project strives to promote a new way of experiencing art. The ambitious projects brimming with innovative,   fun and creative outlets for artists to brandish their talents; this venture further aims to instill a sense of wanderlust and inspiration into its audience, so-as-to hopefully keep this innovative medium of artistic expression alive and well for future generations to further expand upon with their ingenuity, one of the driving forces for this art medium.

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