Anna Patricia Kirby (@akmorphs)


Anna Kirby is a 29-year-old entrepreneur based in Kansas, US. She breeds ball python snakes and is a fluid art painter. She has managed to combine her two passions into one to create a unique business for herself selling snake related custom art such as decor pieces. Her fans consist of new and old ball python lovers who highly appreciate the originality of Anna.

Surprisingly, up till a year ago, Anna owned absolutely no snakes and had no interest in them. She was quite fearful of them. As a young child, she could never have imagined herself to be the entrepreneur that she is today. She was a fairly studious child in school who never caused any fuss. She was not always too sure of the career she wished to pursue, but given how fast of a learner she was, she and her family knew she would be just fine.

Last summer, she began watching Brian Barczyk’s YouTube videos on his channel. He had a strong passion for animals, particularly his snakes, which was quite fascinating for Anna. She was hooked on his videos and would watch them at odd timings of the day, even as she exercised. Soon enough, her fearful fascination turned into curiosity.

Anna wondered what it was about the ball python snake that reeled Brian in. His egg cutting videos are what sold her, she claims. She learned more about snakes and their breeding, particularly how their breeding could be engineered by anyone at home. And so, one fine day she decided to get herself a ball python from an upcoming reptile show. Ever since then, she has owned over 12 snakes – something which neither she nor her family could have ever imagined.

Now, she breeds ball python snakes in the comfort of her home. She has learned a lot about snakes and encourages her friends, family, and followers to not be afraid of them as she once was. There is so much that can be done with them and their breeding. Additionally, Anna is an avid acrylic pour painter. She gets her artistic skills from her grandmother who was a professional. Anna thoroughly enjoys working on art and decided to combine both her passions into one. Now, Anna offers custom wooden snake décor pieces on her Instagram. She is surely living her dreams.

Currently, the successful entrepreneur has over 3.5k followers on Instagram alone. She is also very active on other social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook with 7.5k followers. She also runs a website for her business. Anna makes sure to post content almost every single day as she knows the importance of staying in touch with her followers. Her fans appreciate her content.

Anna’s Instagram photos show off the love and appreciation she has for snakes. Each post displays the beauty of the reptiles and shows them in the natural state. Some of the snakes are young and some are fully grown adults. Anyone who wishes to purchase ball python snakes can easily view which one they are interested in and contact her. Moreover, Anna also has a highlights story dedicated to her artwork. Fans can see exactly the type of décor pieces she creates to see if they are interested. Some are extremely realistic paintings and others are extremely colorful.

Anna understands the importance and value of collaborating with other artists to share audiences. Anna and her work have been featured on YouTube channels with famous personas in the industry such as Billy Rows, Shane Kelley, Brandon Milam, Tom Harbin, David Kloetzke, Chase Williams, and many more. They encourage their fans to visit her Instagram to see if they may be interested in her work.


Anna is slowly but surely growing her business in more ways than one. She is one of three founders for The Sovereign 7, a multi-organizational reptile breeding project organization. She is delighted to have networked with so many people in the field and other snake lovers as herself. She hopes to keep providing beautiful pieces to customers and fans and hopes to grow her reptile business. She appreciates her loved ones and fans for all the support.

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