Gentry Kozia (@gentrykozia)


Gentry Kozia, born on the 5th of April, is a professional singer, songwriter, musician, performer, and recording artist. He is also known by his self-proclaimed name “Black Hippie” or “The Chocolate Boy Wonder”. He has signed a recording label with the rap icon MC Hammer and performs beside him on tour. In addition to that, Gentry has released many songs of his own on different social media platforms.

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO in a family of singers and musicians, Gentry was always destined to become an artist. From a very early age, he got inspired by great performers like Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Donny Hathaway, and Stevie Wonder. It was then that he learned to play the piano and picked up his guitar to make music of his own. His music consisted of hip hop, rock, and a touch of vintage soul. Blending all these together, Gentry came up with incredible songs that he continues to make till this date. 

He is constantly making new music with his recording label as well as by himself. Since 2017 he has released a bunch of songs like False Utopia, Giving My All, Natural Woman, Get Down, I Just Wanna, Rose in the Snow, Thoughts, and some recent ones like The Gospel and Nucleus. These songs have thousands of listeners on Spotify and along with that on YouTube; where the song like I Just Wanna has over five thousand views. His songs are now being used in commercials and sitcoms.  His eccentric music and his ability to put on a great performance on stage make it easier for people to connect to his songs. The vast knowledge he has about music reflects on his work and how the music videos he releases are mostly directed and produced by him.

All over social media, his electric personality can be seen. On his Instagram account @gentrykozia, he posts pictures of his jaunty and striking sense of fashion. Moreover, the posts pictures of his studio and inspirational messages. The phrase he continuously uses on his Instagram is ‘Connect with me’. He wants people to connect with his music as well as him. He is one of the few people in the music industry who makes songs to make an impact on people. He constantly reminds people to stay humble and keep in touch with family and friends because at the end of the day they are the ones who will fight for you.

Being on tour and traveling the world with MC Hammer, Gentry Kozia got to experience all sorts of cultures. He got fascinated and inspired by the love and support he received. The energy people radiated while he was performing is the best feeling he could ever experience. Being on stage and watching people sing along with him is something he will never get used to. Along with many other names, one of the names that his supporters call him is “The Alien in the Hat” because of the signature hat he wears.

Producing music is what he wanted to do and he is constantly working towards making greater music. Being from a family of talented musicians comes with great responsibility. He knew he had to carry on the legacy and that is what he did. He discovered his unique style and began to work on it. His goal is to make an impact on this world through his music and make it a better place; a place where people live in harmony without any hate towards each other. He is working on many projects that will take him a step closer to his goals. The way he got inspired by his childhood idols is how he wants to inspire other aspiring singers.

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