Simran Preet Singh Panesar (@preet.panesar)


Simran Preet Singh Panesar is a budding film-maker and producer based in Canada. He takes his roots from one of the most exotic countries in the world, India. Simran mostly goes by the stage name of Preet Panesar in the entertainment industry. His love for direction and production has been imminent from a very young age. He has successfully managed to morph his passion for creation into a thriving career for himself. Not only this but over the short time that he has been working in the industry, he has managed to make a reputable and well-known name for himself. 

Preet had dreamt of being a part of the film and entertainment industry since he was very young. Growing up, he loved to watch different action movies like most of the boys his age. What set him apart from the others was the fact that he used to critically analyze the various scenes that he saw in these action films and try to recreate them. He used to remake the stunts and action sequences with his twist on them. This was where his love for production first took root. Acting and production were his ultimate goals and they pushed him to set foot in the industry. During his time at university, he opted to study theatre along with film making.

 It was not always a bed of roses for him heading into the film industry. Some people had issues with him and were doubtful of his decision. Preet, on the other hand, did not give up hope. He was driven by his passion and he had faith in himself and his abilities. He persevered and after years of tireless hard work, came out on the winning side. After proving himself to the world, he was surprised to see the change in the people who were doubtful of him and even those who had never even bothered talking to him. All of a sudden, they started trying to reach out to him and build a relationship.

 Preet is also very active on several social media platforms. He can be found on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook as well. On Instagram, his account is under the handle of @preet.panesar where he has managed to garner a following of over eighteen hundred people. He posts very regularly and updates his followers about the happenings of his life. He posts about his travels, his family, friends, and gives occasional sneak peeks of the latest project that he has been working on. He engages with his followers and is immensely thankful to them for their continued support. Preet is a travel enthusiast and loves to wander around the globe. His travels have taken him to New York, Chennai, Las Vegas, Dubai and many other cities of the world. Visiting different countries and experiencing their culture first hand nearly always sparks inspiration in him. To Preet, his family has had a huge impact on his life and their support is the primary reason that has helped him to achieve all that he has today. He is eternally grateful to them especially his father for always encouraging him to chase after his dreams. 

Preets’ latest venture has been producing a music video for a Punjabi song titled “Tere Laare” which has blown up and has crossed over 1.3 million views on Youtube in the few months that it has been out. He is currently affiliated with a music label called Muzik Karma Records. His songs generally encompass both the languages Hindi and Punjabi. He expertly manages to incorporate his culture and ethnicity into his music, creating an impressive work of art. After putting in years of endless hard work he was able to make his dreams a reality. Although his art has brought him great prestige, Preet has always believed in humility and staying true to his roots. To know more about Preet you can visit his Instagram @preet.panesar or check out his music available on all major music streaming platforms.

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