Osaka Jagoda (@osakajagoda)


Cutting, coloring, and styling of their hair is both an art and a science, which involves the hairstylist to be emotionally, intellectually, and physically involved with the process. Hairstyling is a profession that does not simply require you to sell a product or a service, but to make a connection with the person in the seat in front of you—to understand their psyche and help them express themselves in a way that they want. Hair is one of the first things people notice about you, and to many, it is a way of making a statement about oneself.

It is imperative that one meets a stylist that is deeply connected with their art and craft. One such professional that we have come across is Osaka Jagoda. A hair artist and colorist based in Calgary, Canada. Osaka Jagoda has had over fifteen years of exposure in the field of hair art and is doing amazing things with people’s hair every single day.

Osaka originally is from Sri Lanka, whereas a young teenager in grade nine, he began watching celebrity hairstylist programs and fashion shows. As it often happens, when a person’s true calling presents itself, one cannot help but realize and chase it. The same happened with Osaka. He was a small-town boy from Sri Lanka who began to work on his dreams and started his path towards becoming a certified hair artist by working in a small salon in his home town. Once he started attracting customers and improving himself as an artist, he got a call from an ill relative from Canada who asked him to work in their salon. It was a golden opportunity, and Osaka took it. After some time taking care of his sick relatives’ business, Osaka ended up starting his own. He went from working in someone else’s salon to becoming a salon owner with twelve employees on his payroll. This was all because of his natural talent and consistent performance, that brought in people who were looking for someone like himself, to treat their hair and help them achieve the transformation they were looking for.

As he moved forward in his career, constantly exploring, practicing, and perfecting his work. He started going to fashion shows and events where he could meet and mingle with other people of the hairstyling profession. He gained inspiration from the great and prominent people that he met, and during that process, he left an impact on many as well.


Now, he is a Redken Certified Hair Stylist and artist, whose main interest is hair coloring and dyeing. On his Instagram, Osaka posts about his different endeavors as well as hair styling that he has done for his clients. They include simple and complex haircuts as well as bold hair color changes. The quality of his work is evident from the pictures themselves. He has worked with personal clients as well as models for photoshoots and runways. His work is neat and dexterous. His years and years of practice is evident and shines through.

Judging by his work and the dedication that he puts into it, it is easy to spot that Osaka is of the vision that as long as one has a passion for something, it doesn’t matter how difficult it is. At the end of the day, if you make your clients happy with what they see in the mirror, or be a part of something beautiful, your work does not feel like work. And it is endlessly fulfilling and rewarding.

After having received professional certifications, various awards, and a large number of satisfied clients who left the salon smiling, feeling like a movie star, Osaka also educates other new and up and coming hairstylists and colorists about the techniques and secrets he has learned about through the years. He makes helpful tutorials on the various aspects of hair coloring in hope of inspiring aspiring hair artists. The reason for this is that he believes in sharing his knowledge to help and inspire people. Therefore, he maintains his social media so he is more approachable and easier to connect with.

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