Mashrur Ibne Motin (@mashrur01)


The recent boom in social media popularity has led to a huge change in the career options available to people. The world is more interconnected now than it has ever been before, with international online communities congregating around common interests and having an open discussion about everything from pop culture to political issues. People can share their creative pursuits with millions of people from all around the globe who can then give their critiques, appreciate their efforts and support creators they believe must be uplifted. It has also led to the rise of online influencers, who have been provided the role of acting as opinion leaders in their community and inspire their audience through their actions. They are given the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world, experience different cultures, and interact with all kinds of people. 

One such person whose career embodies all of this is Mashrur Ibne Motin, who is originally from Bangladesh but is now residing in Thailand. Mashrur makes content based around his love for travel and acts as a role model to his many followers, encouraging them to work hard and keep themselves and their families safe during the recent pandemic. Currently, his content is mainly focused around making trickshot videos on Instagram, where he provides entertainment to thousands of people who are now stuck inside and unable to live their lives as planned. He tries to lift their spirits and remind them of the importance of staying safe during these troubled times, and how they are helping society at large by doing so. 

From a young age, Mashrur had always been interested in both traveling and sharing his life online. Seeing his interest and how it enabled him to have a creative outlet, his friends and mentors encouraged him to pursue it more. They saw the passion he had and hoped that with their support, he would be able to put it into practice and achieve the goals he hoped to. Drawing on this support, he started putting out more and more videos and interacting with his audience about what kind of content they enjoyed. He was determined to create something that encompassed his personality and interests, so that he could stay true to himself, but was also keen to give the people what they wanted and repay them for their support in the best way he could. 

Throughout his career, Mashrur has had many interesting and exciting experiences. He recently started working for a company called Really Really Cool, which is based around travel. They have a website and an app and cater to the needs of both travelers and locals in different countries. People can book travel experiences through them and people living in Thailand can now use the app to order groceries, medical support, and purchase products. Due to his love for travel Mashrur found this opportunity to be perfect for him and felt that he could contribute valuable insight into the platform. It allowed him to get a job in Thailand which he considers to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world and is extremely grateful for having the opportunity to live in. 

Mashrur is thankful to his audience for their continued support which has given him the popularity to get access to opportunities such as this. He is constantly given back to them by sharing his life to act as a source of inspiration to others who may want to pursue the same goals. He can be found on Instagram under the username @mashrur01 and has over 1.7k followers. He shares both personal and professional insights and motivates his audience to work hard to get what they want. He shares his story to help them understand that they will have to face many struggles and hardships but also to help them realize the importance of persevering despite them and emerging victorious on the other side. 

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