Austin Daniel Christian Cole (@aliiiasmusic)


Music is a form of self-expression that is widely used in different cultures across the world. It provides an outlet for those who want to let out their feelings and emotions and share them with others, in order to help connect with people all around the world. In terms of artistic expressions, it has a unique ability to appeal to people from all walks of life and reach across boundaries to bring people together. Even when they may not understand the words of the artist, the music invokes emotions and tugs on their heartstrings all the same. Musicians are extremely important to the foundations of a community, in keeping their bonds alive and helping reinforce them by talking about what is important to them. 

One such musician is Austin Daniel Christian Cole, often known under the stage name ALIIIAS. Austin is extremely passionate about what he does and started his career relatively young. Despite his age, he has been able to achieve great heights due to his unique sound and ability to tap on the core emotions of his audience. He first started producing music at the age of fifteen. He had always enjoyed listening to music as both a form of entertainment and a mode of expression. He bought his first copy of FL Studio after listening to Porter Robinson. It was soon after this that he officially began on his journey.

By starting out so soon, Austin was able to develop his music as he developed as a person. It was able to evolve and grow with him and become an integral part of who he is. His formative years have been shaped by the content he was putting out into the world, and the people he was forming connections with as a result. It also allowed him to play around and decide what his core music style would be, as well as put a unique spin on it that set him apart from other artists in the genre. Currently, Austin does not wish to be defined by the genre he creates as he feels that is very limiting and wants to retain the ability to put out whatever he desires and what feels natural to him. He wants to make music based on what evokes the true meaning behind a project, not what he is expected to do as an EDM artist. 

Through his journey, Austin has learned a lot in a very short amount of time. By the time he was twenty years old, he has signed with Geomagnetic Records and started officially releasing music under his now popular stage name, ALIIIAS. This allowed him to work with seasoned professionals, draw on their expertise, and continue to learn more. He developed his sound and had the opportunity to reach countries all around the world with the increased reach of the record label, and has been releasing new music every year. 

Austin has encountered many interesting experiences throughout his career. He is especially grateful for having the chance to work with artists he respects and get advice from them. Artists that he has listened to for over seven years have given him feedback on his composition which has greatly boosted his confidence and made him extremely thankful for all he has been able to achieve. From starting out producing in his bedroom to now working and interacting with these talented people, his journey is one of overcoming adversity and struggle and remaining steadfast in the pursuit of a goal. He is an incredibly inspiring person to look to in this sense because he is a self-established musician who is constantly growing more and more. 

Austin also has a close relationship with his fans, whom he interacts with mostly through social media. He can be found on different platforms under his stage name, mainly reaching out through Instagram @aliiiasmusic. He enjoys being able to inspire others starting out in the industry and offer them the advice he wishes he had received, and being able to give back to the people who supported him and helped lift him up. 

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