FinerFin (@finer_fin)


In the last two decades, people have started to become more health-conscious. It is no secret that a large contributor to the death rate and the reason for so many fatal diseases is because of obesity or deficiencies. For the longest time, people functioned without in-depth knowledge about this subject and ate whatever they willed, and now the result is that too many people have compromised health and are starting to become more conscious. It’s hard for those starting off because though they know the basics of what they need, they don’t know how brands work. Too many brands and products are advertised falsely and thus the consumers suffer for it. Thus it is important to find brands that have transparency and actually deliver what they promise. This is why it is important to promote brands like FinerFin.

FinerFin, as advertised by the name, is a brand that produces seafood. When a brand is spread too thin, it loses focus and drops in quality. FinerFin is aware of this logic, and as their goal is purely to satisfy their customers and produce something healthy and tasty for their consumers, they have focused their brand on producing only one line of fish- tuna fish. It is based in Brooklyn, New York- the hub of all kinds of food, and thus hopes to get ahead based only on its customer satisfaction.

The reason fish is promoted by health specialists so much is because they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These acids play a huge role in curbing heart conditions. In America, the highest fatality rate is due to heart conditions and obesity, and this helps fight that off, which is why FInerFin has invested so much in this.

FinerFin’s one product- American Tuna, is produced as organically as possible, without the use of any synthetic products to ensure that it retains as much as its natural benefit as possible. It is caught without the use of any chemicals and is cut by hands, rather than machines to minimize exposure to any metallic component. The yellowfin tuna is enriched only using organic olive oil and natural seasoning- no artificial flavor or preservatives are added.

The company has ensured that Fingerfin met all the conditions to classify as kosher, as that ensures that their product is accessible to a greater population. They have been certified kosher by the relevant authorities and are thus consumed by any who prefer it that way. Finerfin has also ensured that its product is widely available and is thus stocked in all groceries through the United States regardless of whether they are kosher or non-kosher. To make it easier for their customers, they have also expanded and opened their online platform, to make it accessible to those who prefer online shopping.


Their authenticity, taste, and quality have been acknowledged by experts in the field. It has even had a feature in American Airlines Magazine called “American Way”. Chefs all over the world use this tuna and thus Fingerfin regularly collaborates with them. As the trend nowadays is that best marketing strategy, and the most anyone follows, is bloggers and influencers, FingerFin has also reached out to them and worked with them on numerous occasions.

If one wants to know more about Fingerfin then they can visit their Instagram page (@finger_fin).

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