Allure Carnival (@allurecarnival)


Allure Carnival is an event management company based in Toronto. It has been up and running for over 9 years now. They specialize in youth empowerment by hosting a range of events targeted towards them. They have collaborated with many companies and boards for the growth and development of the youth. They have had a role in a variety of projects.

CEOs Joanne webster and Chris were not always too sure what they wanted to do before Allure Carnival. Joanne had a strong passion for art as a young child. She grew up drawing, painting, sketching, everything. Her family saw her talents and told her to pursue an artistic career when she got older, and so she did. She started working as a promoter for events and made her way up the ladder. She soon became acquainted with creating and hosting events and enjoyed it very much. Eventually, Joanne made her way to Allure Carnival in 2015 and quickly made her way to the top.

On the other hand, Chris has always been a huge fan of culture; one of the most eye-catching features of Allure Carnival. He appreciates culture, tradition, and customs. He considers it to be these such pleasures in life that are worth living for. Moreover, Chris has always had somewhat of an entrepreneurial mind. When he came across Allure Carnival a few years ago, he saw the potential for combining his business skills with his love for culture and took it. Both CEOs have been loving their job ever since.

Allure Carnival calls itself the “Youngest Mas Brand in North America.” They target the youth to help expand their minds. They have constructed programs with the Toronto District School Board and plenty of different clubs, all targeted to the young minds. They have been focusing on the Afro-Caribbean and urban culture, for almost a decade now, by arranging numerous events.

Allure Carnival has been making use of the 9 years of expertise from its members. This expertise is in event management, marketing, content creation, fashion design, and much more. To date, they have arranged nearly 220 successful events across Toronto, each having a range of attendees between 300 to 1400. They have surely managed to establish themselves over all this time.

In addition to their many events, they also have played big roles in a variety of other projects. They have run marketing campaigns for over 15 companies, including some big names such as NYX Professional Make Up, Shea Moisture Canada, Carib, and many more. Allure Carnival has handled major night events at more than 6 entertainment complexes. They have also provided fashion services to over 400 clients. They have even implemented call centers for 4 big companies.

All their business adventures have driven the team straight into success. When they started, in 2015, they joined the largest street festival in North America called the Toronto Caribbean Carnival. From that point onwards, they managed to reel in over 1300 masquerade fans to date. Allure Carnival has made sure to attend as many events as they can since then. Recently, in 2019, they took part in the Miami Broward One Carnival and the Nutting Hill United Kingdom Carnival.


Currently, a successful company has over 14k followers on Instagram alone. They are also very active on other social media platforms such as Facebook. They have been featured on many websites and articles. Their Instagram feed oozes with culture, excitement, and fun. They make sure to update it very regularly to show fans their latest updates. They make sure to document every event. They also make sure to promote their upcoming events too.

In addition to their fun posts, they also try to use their platform for serious matters. Allure Carnival acknowledges the impact their voice could have and have been using it to raise awareness on COVID-19.

Allure Carnival is surely a well-established business. They love hosting and attending events targeted towards the youth. They have also had a hand in many different projects as they love to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Allure Carnival is reaching new heights every day.

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