Supa Bossanova (@supabossanova)


As music continues to evolve, so do audience preferences. Today’s age is that of experimental sounds and hard to classify beats. Music has transcended all borders and boundaries. It is larger than life and impossible to contain. The voice of the soul is hard to silence and music is the gateway to that emanating sound.

Among the various musical advancements these days, the R&B, rap, and hip-hop genres are gaining a lot of traction. These rhythmic sounds are not only eccentric enough to intrigue and attract new listeners, their structures almost give them anthem-like qualities that anyone, regardless of their age, can jam to.

Such is the music style of one Supa Bossanova: a versatile R&B/Hip Hop/Rap artist from North Carolina who is all set to take the world by storm with his uniquely distinct music, entrancing everyone forever. The first and the only artist signed to ‘Put It In Your Mouth Records Inc.,’ a music label distributed by Empire Records and spearheaded by ‘Mr. Put It In Your Mouth’ Akinyele and Waleed Coyote, Supa Bossanova is in great hands as he sets on his journey to conquer the music world.

Born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Supa Bossanova grew up listening to R&B music due to his father’s love for it and soon found himself feeling the same way. He looked up to Akinyele and was majorly influenced by his music when just starting with his career. Therefore, it was a major twist of fate that he ended up being scouted by, and later signed on to the label of Akinyele, who by pure chance landed in North Carolina during this road tour.

Of course, success rarely comes easy, and Supa Bossanova had two spend two arduous years struggling to find his footing in the music world when his luck finally gave way. His 2019 debut single ‘Say I,’ the first single off the upcoming 2020 debut EP ‘October’s Baby,’ has already opened up new horizons for him, allowing him to speak about his life and its challenges in his signature soul music style, the melodies weaving a story that is timeless and reminiscent of the struggle that everyone faces at least once in their lives, while also sounding very personal and heart-touching.

Since his debut, Supa Bossanova has been on a journey of self-discovery, visiting new places, meeting new people, gaining new experiences, all important factors that will eventually greatly impact his songwriting and music in the long run. He recounts how his experience during the Chitlin circuit has been particularly unforgettable, and his love for radio has increased tremendously after making multiple appearances on radio shows and hearing from people who love radio. 

The world is Supa Bossanova’s oyster, and he is ready to tackle it heads on. Despite some initial difficulties, the road ahead shall hopefully only be smooth for him as he ventures out to find those who share his love for music and can join him in his quest for the search of what makes life truly meaningful. Supa Bossanova has drawn on metaphors in the past and he continues to do so this time around too, his focus diverging more into cultural phenomena and larger than life stories that shape up a being’s existence. It is also worth a mention that Supa Bossanova is actively concerned about the environment and well, nature in general, frequently expressing his love for trees and wanting to preserve them.

Music too is like a tree with deep-reaching roots. It sets up a foundation in one’s soul and slowly grows to bloom into a majestic tree, swaying mightily in the wind. Such is the impact that Supa Bossanova wishes to create with his music and is optimistic about what the future holds for him. To join him on his spellbinding journey, be sure to check him out across all social media platforms and specifically his Instagram account: @supabossanova.  

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