The Jewelry Company (@thejewelryycompany)


Jewelry has the power to be the little thing that makes you feel unique. It is like the perfect spice, it compliments what is already there. The right jewelry can make a simple outfit stand out and make the wearer feel confident and beautiful at the same time.

Liridona Egriu has made it her aim to create beautiful and intricate jewelry for women to wear so they can feel confident about themselves. Egriu came up with the idea to set up “The Jewelry Company”, to make all sorts of jewelry with the aim to add a shine factor to everyone’s outfits. The Jewelry Company specializes in making a variety of different types of jewelry. They focus on making pendants, rings, earrings, chains, necklaces, bracelets, and more. 

Liridona was only a college student when she started The Jewelry Company. Liridona always had a fascination and love for jewelry. To add to this, she also had the desire to help those in need. Hence, she came up with the idea of The Jewelry Company, with this business not only could she cover the costs of her tuition fees but also donate some amount to those in need. The idea of donating profits has been since the start of the business and the business’s moral code has not changed. The Jewelry Company has the slogan “Be the voice of the voiceless”, they act on this statement by donating 20% of their profits. Through these steps, Liridona has donated to over 100 charities just this year. Currently, the young entrepreneur is studying a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Psychology. 


Although Egriu started The Jewelry Company to pay for tuition fees, her business eventually grew and flourished. Due to The Jewelry Company’s eye-catching and stunning designs, the sales of the business grew exponentially. This is because the company focuses on making their jewelry pieces to convey the wearer’s inner beauty. This factor makes The Jewelry Company stand out from other brands.


29The Jewelry Company extends its arm out to its customers and caters to their personalized needs. Liridona recalls a sweet tale when she started to design custom jewelry to perfectly meet their customers’ needs. One of her customers was very interested in wearing a certain Montenegrin Pendant. Unfortunately, she could only get it by going to Montenegrin; this would be very expensive and hassling.

Liridona assured the customer that she could perfectly make the pendant for her. Upon showing her the pendant, the customer was moved to tears of joy. One of the reasons Liridona does what she does is because of the delight and happiness she can bring to people’s lives with the help of jewelry.

The company’s aim is to use jewelry as a way for people to tell their stories and experiences. With its large collection, The Jewelry Company has something for everyone. Due to their versatile range, their products are loved by people of all backgrounds and ages. The Jewelry Company is very clear about their objective and message. They aim to let out one’s inner beauty to shine through their jewelry. They also hope to make their wearers feel confident in their own skin. Furthermore, with their donations, they hope to help people who are in need.

Liridona has only started The Jewelry Company just over a year ago. However, her business has received a lot of attention from all over the world. To accommodate rising demand, The Jewelry Company also offers international shipping. The Jewelry Company has stolen the hearts of people from all over the world; they have reached over 13,200 followers on Instagram. The business uses this platform to showcase their new products, happy customers, and discounts. They can be followed at @TheJewelryyCompany. Moreover, they can also be followed on Twitter and TikTok by the same username. They use these platforms to showcase cute and alluring jewelry to people. The Jewelry Company is also available on Facebook. To browse their large and stunning range, you can see their website at

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