Sew Shore (@sewshore)


In this article you are introduced to a Sew Shore which is also known as United Uniforms. It is essentially a uniform provider from the Beautiful city of Naples, Florida, USA. This Business is owned and run by Jason Marshall who is the heart and soul of the entire company. Since its founding year 1986, Sew shore has claimed to be Naples’s largest uniform and embroidery service provider. It is with the largest embroidery facilities in South Florida and they have everything one requires with respect to uniform and embroidery. 

Jason Marshall is talented and lucky enough to have been able to learn and grow through opportunities that came his way. With a strong background in retailing and graphic design, he was drawn towards custom apparel printing and embroidery orders. It was during his time as a contractual designer that he caught the eye of Steve Sherman, who was then owner of Sew shore. Then he was offered a partnership position in the company by Steve Sherman which he accepted and with his hard work and sincere efforts, the sales of the company got doubled in a single year. He then bought the rest of the company, opened up the umbrella company United Uniforms USA, and led the company towards high growth; essentially improving the level of sales. Moreover, the strong relationship with the vendors have enabled Sew shore to create uniforms and embroidery designs that go beyond the expected levels in the market, and it is able to fulfill the expectations of all their customers. 

Sew Shore’s website is user friendly and appealing to the customers as they browse through. One of the most important things they have added is the Covid-19 update on the homepage, through which they offer to continue running their business in a safe, more efficient manner, offering free drop off for pre-paid options, and non-contact options for regular payments, as well as having a staff member as a personal shopper for all of a customers’ purchasing needs. 

Furthermore, on the website, they have subcategories where they explain the various roles of their services. For example, if you click on “Embroidery” you will automatically be linked to their subpage where all their embroidery based services are available. They have also connected their Instagram posts on to the website, and have a number of useful articles attached as well for spreading valuable and useful information. 

On Facebook, the posts are solely based on their recent events, such as the Nurse Week (where the customers are encouraged to buy gift cards for Nurses, doctors, and Healthcare staff, to showing off the team members who are still working even in these uncertain times, to even sharing tips for Laundering scrubs in the age of the coronavirus) and etc. 

Its Instagram page, however, is the most active among their other social media accounts. Jason Marshall himself keeps highlighting the updates in Sew-shore and the audience aware of its provided services. His last update on the page is to inform the audience of how the business is still going on despite the lockdown and how he and his company are playing their part in fighting against the coronavirus pandemic. There are quite a few highlighted stories on Instagram where they have highlighted the services they offer, and have added their favorite testimonials as well to prove to potential and existing customers that their work is indeed on par with their expectations. 

Undoubtedly, the company’s offered serves are the best in the USA, and More can be learned about the company and the services it provides, if it is followed on its social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram,   and Twitter One can even visit their website in this regard. 

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