Seth Miranda (@lastxwitness)


Seth Miranda is an expert photographer based in New York City. Working with the more commonly known name, “Last Witness” as his identity as a photographer, Seth’s experience in this field has been as unique as the photos he captures. Over the years, he has worked in photographing subjects from a wide range of fields, such as sports, makeup, fashion, and SFX artists. Currently, he is working as a host, educator, and content producer for Adorama whose aims to provide the best quality equipment and expert tutorials to creators and artists has garnered it a huge following of more than 240k on their Instagram.


To Seth, photography is more than just a career. His interest in it since his childhood has made it more like a lifestyle for him. As someone who got offers from publications just at the young age of fifteen, it can be said that he surely has been an amazing photographer since then. He initially worked day and night on perfecting his lighting techniques in the fast-paced world of sports such as BMX and skateboarding. Lighting is a fundamental aspect of photography as just this factor can ruin the whole picture even if everything else is on point, so him working on it just shows how dedicated he was from the beginning. He has a vast experience of working with many different film formats, ranging from older experimental techniques which have now been forgotten to today’s commonly used digital medium. To further master his artistic skills, he has also dared to push his works’ boundaries outside photography by bringing his cinema still-style docudrama images into other mediums like stenciling, resin cast, and screen printing.

With a style as multifaceted as his, it is no surprise that Seth has contributed his amazing photography skills to various industries. Not only has his work has been featured in sports magazines such as Dig BMX and Ride BMX, but also in makeup and fashion magazines like Makeup Artist, MakeUp Designory, Makeup For Ever, IMATS, and Juxtapoz. The list doesn’t end here; he has also worked for several publications such as Transworld media, Billboard, and produced print advertisements for agencies like Deutsch. He has even assisted many renowned photographers like Joe McNally on set. His extensive experience in photography has led to his work, which covers subjects like punk and alternative lifestyles, being featured in galleries too. All of his stunning work is available on his website to view along with his portfolio and it would leave anyone awe-inspired with the hard work and dedication he puts in. 

Currently, he works in the unique genre of SFX, where he gets the opportunity to shoot artists dressed up as weird creatures and aliens. According to him, there have been many changes in the photography industry over the years and with time, these changes are occurring at an even faster rate. This is what makes photography even more exciting for him as capturing such subjects never gets monotonous. As someone who likes to do something which is interesting, he would not be even in this field if it was boring for him. He has gathered great experience in this field which he wants to share with others and help them get better in this art too. So using Adorama’s platform, he posts video tutorials and conducts workshops to pass on the information he has learned to huge audiences. With such an intense passion for photography, there are still a lot of wonderful pictures for him to create and much more to experiment. Aspiring photographers can follow him on his Instagram account where he posts his inspiring photoshoots regularly, his Facebook page, and Twitter. He also posts videos on his YouTube channel and also has an account on Twitch so that those who want to learn more about photography can easily do so. More of his photography-related videos which are uploaded on other channels can be accessed through

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