MAD ENGLISH BRAND (@madenglishbrand)


Making a mark in the fashion industry isn’t easy. Any new brand must have an identity that sets it apart from everything else that already exists in the world of fashion. Along with innovation, a fashion brand must also guarantee its customers the finest quality materials. Because of these basic requirements aren’t met, it’s practically impossible for anyone to survive in the fashion industry. Fashion is a reflection of who you are and your brand needs to represent that. If you’re not true to yourself it just defeats the purpose of anything you put your effort into. Keon Pearce is someone who is making waves in the fashion industry and he’s doing it only because of the authenticity he has brought to his brand.

Keon Mad English Pearce is a Jamaican born record producer. Before he decided to step into fashion, Pearce was trying to make it big in the music industry. It was sheer luck through which Keon was inspired to try his hand at fashion. He was sitting on his desk one day, working on his next hit. During the process, his eyes fell on his shoe rack that was filled with the countless shoes he owned. Keon then realized that he had an immense passion for shoes. That was when the former music producer decided to launch his own shoe business. Co-incidentally, love for fashion ran in his veins. Inspired by his Caribbean roots, Keon decided to use styles popular in Jamaica and incorporated them into footwear, which gave his brand a fresh, colorful new approach. The fashion business wasn’t new to Keon either! With his father being a talented tailor and his grandfather a shoe-maker, Keon decided to pay tribute to his family legacy and take it one step forward. 


He launched the Mad English Brand in Miami. The brand specialized in footwear crafted from premium Italian leather and suede. To pander to a wide audience, Mad English Brand also offers shoe goods made with vegan leather for their animal-friendly customers.  The company has been functional since 2016 and since then, it has proudly kept customers satisfied with its high-quality products. Over the years, the label has also expanded from shoes and now offers a variety of accessories, bags, and even plans to launch clothing in the future – making Mad English the one-stop-shop for all your premium attire requirements! 

Keon’s approach with his brand is unique because of his Caribbean background and family influence. He uses his heritage to inspire him while he curates products for his brand which gives all of them a personal touch – making them stand out from all his competitors. Keon has taken his brands to unbelievable heights in a very short time. Mad English Brand was recently part of the London Fashion Week to showcase its incredible shoe collection. 

Mad English has also become the go-to option for many famous celebrities when it comes to premium footwear. From fancy stilettos to sturdy sneakers, the brand has covered pretty much all bases! Popular music stars, actors, and even sportsmen have expressed their love for the brand on social media platforms which only shows how much effort and love is put into every Mad English product! 

After the brand’s success in America, Keon has also gone back to his roots. Mad English is now also functioning in the Caribbean dancehall markets. Not only does Keon plan on expanding his business this way, but he also hopes to become a dominant force in the fashion industry. The brand has a fully functioning website with the sales department located in South Florida. Mad English not only offers exquisite shoes, but it also offers its customers the experience of a lifetime with the kind of promotions and offers it regularly offers.   

To stay updated with Keon and the Mad English brand, you can follow him on Instagram @madenglishbrand and check out their website

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