Lex Haley (@_lexapro)


Lex is a celebrity publicist and author with over ten years of dedicated work via the entertainment industry based in the US. She has become an icon for black women who suffer from poor mental health. Lex uses her platform to promote her work and her memoir and to let other black women know that they are not alone, there is someone who hears them and is just like them.

Lex has had her fair share in dealing with mental health. At the tender age of six, Lex was sexually assaulted. The type of effect this can have on a young child’s mind is truly not expressed enough. Eventually, at the age of seventeen, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder which caused her great pain in a lot of aspects in her life: career, relationships, friendships and so on. She ran away from home as she could not deal with the trauma her mother was forcing her to go through. Lex then found herself in a toxic relationship with a sports athlete who would eventually try to take her life which sent her mental health down further. She admits her behaviour became strange after this. Her connection to the sports industry and some well-known people only made matters worse which led her to attempt to take her life. After she lived to see another day, she thought she would live to change and that is exactly what she did.

Recently, Lex released her memoir, “Metamorph-A-Sis: The Transforming of a Daughter,” the first of a three-part series which centres around the mental health of a black woman. Growing up in an all-black community, Lex realises the stigma surrounding mental health. She knows the pain of being a young woman in the community having nobody to talk to and share the pain with. Lex aims to reduce this stigma with her series. The first one is about her childhood and how it has structured the basis of her life and discusses the lasting effects it has had on her. It highlights how one should bring awareness to mental health disorders and their associated behaviours so that one can not only help themselves but also to help others. Lex has made sure to make it an informative read by also including facts and statistics regarding the black community and their mental state and then guides one on how they can fight the stigma to heal just as she has.

Lex currently has over 4.2k followers on Instagram among other platforms where she posts regularly, not only to promote her work but also to remind her followers of their worth and make them realise they are not alone in their struggles. She is a very active black female, mental health advocate on her Instagram and aims to influence the lives of her followers. She is sure to not only stay engaged through her posts on Instagram with detailed captions but also hosts regular Instagram Lives. On these lives, she answers her followers’ queries while also sharing details about her struggles and writings. In addition to that, she posts collaborations with other activists such as “@sabrinakgarba” who has over 9k followers and was featured in her memoir. She tries to remain as active and engaged as she can and even sells her own merchandise.

In addition to her work surrounding her writing, she is an active member of the “@haleymediagroup” which offers a range of promotional services online such as logo and web design, marketing tools, press kits and so much more. She also offers discounts to her black female community as she aims to help promote them and their work and wishes to see more black female entrepreneurs. 

Lex realised her worth to the community and decided she wanted to give back to them which was when she decided she was going to break the stigma. She wishes to serve as an inspiration to other young black females who she was once like. She wishes to promote positive mental health on all social media platforms to remind her followers that they are not alone and that they will heal from this if they keep going. Lex aspires to grow her message and release the remaining parts of her series while growing her other businesses. 

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