Kishore Kumar (@kishore_aquarius)


Even with all the education and all the professional experience in the world, nothing teaches you how to live like travelling does. There’s just something so magical about packing your bags, flying off to an unknown destination to meet new people, and gain entirely new experiences. Sadly, the world of today gives little importance to travelling and instead, everyone is just stuck in a loop of trying to climb ladders in the corporate world. But there are some people who put their passions first and societal norms later – and Kishore Kumar is one of them. 

Kishore is a highly trained professional who currently works in the technology industry. Although this young man is very enthusiastic about his field of work, his true calling lies in travelling and integrating himself with different people and cultures all over the world. His love for travelling started when he started going on business trips for work. As he started to step out of his comfort zone, he realized that there was so much to explore in the world. He found a whole new kind of happiness as he interacted with new people and opened up his heart and mind to new cultures. Kumar saw a shift in his own personality as he stopped thinking of himself as an individual and started embracing the collective nature of the human experience. He discovered that his true happiness was found when he interacted with people and shared memories with them. Opening himself up to diverse cultures and traditions made him a kinder, gentler version of his own self. 

Instead of making his business trips all about corporate hotels and rented cars, Kishore makes sure that everywhere he goes, he learns something new. It started when he took his first overseas business trip to Amsterdam in 2010. Unlike his other colleagues, who chose to avail of the luxuries provided by their firm, Kishore had the luck to experience Amsterdam completely on his own! In a foreign country, Kishore relied on human interactions to safely find his way to the hotel he was supposed to stay at. Unlike today, he had no internet to help him out. But he still decided to take the adventure and manage things on his own. He decided to figure out how to book a train and set off on his journey to explore his new surroundings. After an eventful train ride, Kishore got off on his designated station but now, he had to figure out where his hotel was. So, once again he asked the locals around him to help guide him along the way. The excited traveler made his way back to his hotel with several new interactions and experiences. Unlike his friends who chose to sit back and relax in taxis, Kishore made his journey to the hotel ten times more exciting and memorable. 

Experiences like these have shaped Kishore Kumar’s life. Because he has received so much love and kindness from people all over the world, Kishore himself believes in sharing happiness with others. No matter what he does, he does it to spread smiles among people. 

Whether it’s the people he works with, lives with, or random strangers that he comes by, Kishore understands the importance of shared experiences. His life revolves around making memories every step of the way. His way of living has earned him happiness in the truest sense. Which is why he believes in helping other people live a life as satisfying as his own. Instead of treating his frequent travelling as a job, he has made it his passion. He travels not only to experience a new place but also to new people, new cultures, and new memories. 

Kishore has currently also dedicated his social media platforms to document his journeys and experiences. He believes that this way he can share his experiences with people all over the world and he expects to learn from them the same way. To stay updated with Kishore’s travel stories, you can follow him on Instagram @kishore_aquarius.  

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