Javed khan (@javed_jkmt)


The business world is filled with stories about entrepreneurs who rose up to the top using money from their previous endeavors or those who took over their family businesses and transformed them into something new with their innovative ideas. Such stories are very inspiring to hear but there are also many successful entrepreneurs in the business world who started with nothing but somehow made it big. Javed Khan is one such entrepreneur who, despite his humble backgrounds, managed to establish a million-dollar business. Javed’s story comes up as an inspiration for many who inspire to make it big in the business world but are unable to do so because of their lack of money or resources. He offers hope to such people by showing that nothing is impossible.

Things hadn’t always been so easy for Javed Khan. He grew up in a council flat in Hackney, East London where he never had it easy. He had always inspired to be a music artist and took a keen interest in recording during his school years. But then at the young age of 18, he lost his very two close friends due to street violence in East London. Witnessing hate crime up this close made him realize that he wanted to change his life. In order to do so, he came up with a solution. The solution was to simply earn money by trading on the stock exchange. His father had saved up a large sum of £10,000 with his hard work, during his life. Javed decided to invest this sum into a stock exchange with the intention of having a great return. However, things did not go as he had planned. Unfortunately, Javed ended up losing all of his father’s hard-earned money. His risk-taking habits ended up costing him a lot of money. 

Javed, however, decided to get his money back. He had never been so motivated in his life and didn’t think his life would end up being one of the inspirations for the young kids in East London. He started picking up shifts at their local Dominoes and started saving up some money. Taking inspiration from The Wolf of the Wallstreet, he invested in the stock markets again and gave it another go. The endeavor turned out to be fruitful. Javed started getting immediate returns on his investment that eventually lead him to a business empire in Mare Street with a turnover of £300,000 off the back of it. In a span of 3 years, 21-year-old Javed managed to turn his life around. He proved that believing in yourself had the greatest reward. 

Now, Javed inspires to lead and guide many into achieving this lifestyle. For this purpose, he started his own company called ‘JMKT’, where he sends out a “signal” or tip for what might do well in the stock market to subscribers of his company JKMT. He holds trading events where he helps his subscribers trade live. Javed’s guidance has helped many in kickstarting their own entrepreneur careers, showing that despite having it all, Javed is also giving back to the community. Javed lets his followers know of the substantial risk with trading, beforehand. He wants his followers to feel comfortable investing and wants them to invest in their own terms without having them feel pressured. And owing to Javed’s guidance, many people have claimed to have made serious money. 

With such an inspiring story, Javed has managed to not only build a successful career for himself but he has also guided many. Despite have no meaningful capital, Javed is now a known investor in the stock market. Javed had set a goal for his life and he never settled until he achieved it. You can keep yourself updated with Javed’s success stories by following him on his Instagram “@javed_jkmt”.

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