DJ PEEWEE (@peexweezy)


A truly excellent DJ has the ability to make a whole crowd fall in love with the music. DJing is not limited to mixing beats and adding sound effects but about comprehending the emotions and feelings of a crowd and elevating them to be energetic and happy.

Jessica Berrios is a truly outstanding and talented DJ and producer. The young artist currently resides in Miami and can light up any event she performs at. She is professionally known as DJ PeeWee. She has been involved in DJing since she was only 16. With the passage of time, her interest in this hobby only grew. She started to prioritize DJing when she was a sophomore in college at Florida State University. To hone her skills, she started to take DJ lessons from none other than DJ Champ who has been involved in Tallahassee’s Blazin’ 102.3 radio station.


DJ PeeWee was initially inspired when she started volunteering at Girls Make Beats, a non-profit organization dedicated to training young girls to become better at the art of DJing. DJ PeeWee mentored young girls by sharing her knowledge of DJing, production, and even audio engineering. This volunteer work further inspired DJ PeeWee to become a successful DJ in the music industry; she has the desire to be someone young girls can look up to.

Aside from her banging beats, DJ PeeWee is known by her iconic curly locks in Miami. Since she is full of energy and talent, her catchy and dope beats that can light up any party. She has the ability to bend and twist her music into various genres and styles very smoothly. 

Although the talented DJ is based in Miami, she has performed in several venues across the United States. She has played killer beats in New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Texas, and more. Other than all these cities, she has also known to light up festivals with her wicked tracks. She has performed at one of the biggest music festivals in the world, Coachella. She has also showcased her talent at Rolling Loud and Essence Festival. At the latter, she was recognized as a headlining DJ. For the Curly-haired-DJ, the sky is definitely the limit. Her status and popularity are slowly elevating as her talent is being known all across the world. She has also partnered with Damixionerz Agency Management, an Agency which works on an international level and focuses on highlighting talented people in all forms of art. Together with DJ PeeWee’s talent and this partnership it can be said with great confidence that the future is very bright for her.

Due to her ability, confidence, and hard work, she has had the opportunity to work with very talented people from across the world. She has been on tour with the amazing rap group, “Run the Jewels”, who has been critically acclaimed and also has been nominated for a Grammy. She has also been involved in DJing for Cuz Lightyear.

When she is not lighting up moods in parties or working hard in the studio to make music, she spends her time working for non-profit organizations. Aside from being a DJ and a producer, she is also a philanthropist and is currently the Vice President of PERIOD Miami. The organization is an extension of the PERIOD movement. It is dedicated to the belief that menstrual care is a basic right. They are involved in donating sanitary products and other related supplies to those in need.

DJ PeeWee has the freshest and unprecedented beats on the market. She has a very exceptional and one of a kind technique and approach towards DJing. She also stands out due to her awareness of diversified cultures across the world, which she incorporates in her music. She specializes in all sorts of events from weddings, private parties to clubs, and more.

For updates, her website is She can also be followed on Instagram at @peexweezy, Twitter at @peexweezy, and on Facebook by DJ PeeWee. She also occasionally does live streams on Twitch at She also has YouTube Channel, where she posted a guide video on being a DJ in quarantine.  

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