Chase Michael (@chasemichaelofficial)


Chase Michael (@chasemichaelofficial) is a new pop singer and songwriter in the music industry, from Dallas, Texas in the USA. He has been passionate about listening to and creating music since childhood and aims to grow and nurture connections with people through his music. He already has several projects on the way, the first of which is his debut Extended Play record (EP) which will release this summer.

Music is a large part of Chase’s everyday life, and he has always been passionate about writing music instead of just singing it. As he got older, his love for music only grew, and it became an outlet for him to express his feelings and emotions. He feels that ever since he started creating music he finally found his voice and is better able to articulate his emotions, through which he can tell beautiful stories to all his listeners. He is a positive person by nature and is very excited and optimistic about the future and where his music will take him.

Despite his passion for music, Chase hasn’t told any of his family or friends about his decision to pursue music because he does not like any judgment from anyone. Even though his friends and family are very supportive of him, he does not want to hear any negative input from anyone he holds in high opinion, because that would make him view his work negatively and hinder him from achieving his goals. He does not want to hear whether accomplishing his goals in impossible or that his music is not good enough because he creates music solely for his satisfaction and enjoyment. He wants to love what he creates and says: “The day I’m not happy writing or singing, is the day I will stop.”

Chase’s debut EP, ALL OR NOTHING will release on August 7, 2020. It was originally supposed to release in late April, but due to production delays, it has been pushed forward to August. In order to take precautions from the recent coronavirus outbreak, his team was not able to shoot any promotional content planned around the EP. The EP consists of four tracks, titled Never Talk Again, Intentions, All or Nothing, and Rush. Chase is already taking pre-orders for the EP on his website:

There are multiple packages of his debut EP on his website. There is a digital copy that is priced at $5 only as well as a physical + digital EP package that costs $10. He has also added a creative twist to his online shop, by giving options that give a vintage feel to the EP. There is a cassette + digital EP package, a vinyl record + digital EP package, a CD + digital EP package, and a boxset that includes all of them together, i.e: cassette, vinyl record, CD, and the digital EP. Additionally, there is an exclusive Long Play record + digital EP package as well as a picture disc option too. All these products range from $5 to $30, which is easily affordable for the audience.

Chase is quite active on Spotify, where he creates different mixes for his streamers. He released three singles on Spotify in 2019, namely: Sweet Desire, Sweet Dreams, and Sweet Nothing.

On Instagram, Chase has more than ten thousand followers. He recently started hosting a radio show called Musician Talk on Anchor FM, a podcast streaming platform, where he talks with rising musicians. He also posts stories about new Spotify playlists and his IGTV videos from whenever he comes live on Instagram. He recently released the All Or Nothing EP cover art, and regularly updates his followers about upcoming releases and other activities.

Anyone who wants to stay updated with Chase Michael’s musical talent in the pop genre can follow him on Instagram @chasemichaelofficial or browse his website to pre-order his upcoming EP on

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