Benjamin Paul Goodall (@ben_goodie)


We all have to choose a career at one point in our lives and this can prove to be a very hard task for us as it mostly requires us to sacrifice our hobbies or things that we hold close to us. This doesn’t necessarily mean materialistic things but also something like our own health and fitness levels for our bodies.

Benjamin Paul Goodall became unhappy about his body and started his research into ways of getting into shape. He learnt how to maintain proper nutrition and how to train his body in the hopes of becoming a better version of himself. Benjamin was determined to follow the path to fitness and his position as a regional development manager for an FTSE 100 listed corporation from Plymouth, Devon, United Kindgdom and he loves where he lives because he claims that the city holds everything he wants such as beaches, Dartmoor and the cityscape itself.

Living a healthy and fit life is one of the major goals of nearly everyone in this world no matter where they’re living. This is because of the increasing desk jobs restricting people’s activity levels in their respective jobs and forcing them to sit in one place and work for hours on end. This can be a very hard task because of the time and effort needed to maintain it.

Not only maintaining fitness but also making sure that he peaks at it, Benjamin made sure that he dedicates his mornings to his desk job as a regional development manager and his focus for the night is his fitness and being an influencer that promotes his lifestyle and motivates people into getting in shape and getting a healthier lifestyle even while working, putting himself as an example.

Benjamin made sure that he climbed the fitness ladder to the very top and that he challenged himself through it while enjoying every bit of it. He has participated in many different competitions including UK Ultimate Physiques where he placed 3rd in the North and received an invitation to the British Finals that took place in London in which he secured 6th position. He was also sought for and joined hands with BPI sports in the United Kingdom as he represented their brand and this decision helped him a lot. Later on, he transitions to 10X Athletic. His drive to learn more about physiology made him gain as much knowledge as possible in the field.

With a good lifestyle, comes a great physique, a great look, and personality. Because of this, Benjamin gained level 3 in Personal Training and has modeled with many different people such as modeling for “The Range” department store for their gym clothing available in all of their stores across the United Kingdom and multiple other organizations and is currently working under the observation of Justin Tunbridge, his athlete manager.

Hard work, a lot of time and relentless efforts go into making a man such as Benjamin, and a lot of us get off that track either way too soon or through it. This is because if you aren’t resilient enough, you can’t get there. He used his love for the gym and hunger for self-improvement and accomplishment to push him through his hard times and help him accomplish the stage at which he stands now.

For someone that knows the hard work and effort that goes into the process of transforming one’s body, he makes sure that he gives it his all into helping others in their journey with minimal obstacles possible and is a personal trainer for many. To appreciate their efforts, he posts their transformations on his own page to further motivate them and the people following him.

Benjamin can be followed on Instagram @ben_goodie where he makes sure that no one that enters his page leaves demotivated and serves to be an inspiration to many that come across it. He makes sure that he posts as many of his workout sessions. He makes sure that he also shows everyone about his nutrition meals so they know what helps him in his workouts and to gain.

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