Adam Kerley (@adamk85)


What is better than being an excellent sportsman? Being an excellent sportsman who runs his own business and is also a social media influencer! From playing professional football to establishing his own company, Adam Kerley has done it all! 

An ambitious child, Kerley always liked to be at the top of his game. Since a very young age, he extremely passionate about football and started playing the game with his friends and peers. He was also an extremely quick learner and would catch on very quickly. Kerley continued to play football as he completed his educated and soon decided that he wanted to make a career out of it. Despite being discouraged by numerous people, Kerley was not one to back down! He had made up his mind about pursuing professional football and nothing could stop him. Since he was such an excellent player, he soon started getting noticed by clubs and was soon hired to be part of a professional team. His dream of playing professional football came true! Kerley continued to follow his passion and create a successful career in professional football for himself. 

After playing football for a while, Kerley decided that he needed a change of activity. His love for football was still the same but he was unsure about wanting to further pursue it as a career. He soon made up his mind about leaving football and retired from the game. He still loves football very much and plays with his friends often. Kerley then went on to establish his own business. He established a recruitment company named “Armstrong Evans.” This company helps people find jobs in various sectors such as Biomass and Renewables, and Fire and security. It mainly helps different companies hire highly trained, intelligent employees to work for them. Kerley not only has great knowledge of the market himself, he also hired other professionals who had a strong idea about the kind of individuals companies want to recruit. Despite facing discouragement from the people around him, Kerley went on to establish “Armstrong Evans” and it is a huge booming company now with thousands of clients in various sectors. All thanks to Kerley’s high ambitions! 

During the time he was working to establish his own business, Kerley met and fell in love with the beautiful social media influencer Kelly Cook. Kelly is a gorgeous, career-oriented woman who is a social influencer with around 90K followers online. She has worked for years in the online social influencing industry and has several clothing and home clients. After meeting Kerley, Kelly was attracted to his passionate nature and drive for excellence. She loved how he would work hard to achieve anything that he wanted and would never back down until he had reached his goal. Kelly and Kerley soon moved in together and started running their own social media pages together. They have a cute little family now and post pictures and videos with their kids on their social media page. It is safe to say that their fans adore them and show their love for the little family by commenting and liking their posts frequently.

Kerley’s personal Instagram account also features adorable pictures of his family and him. They are seen having lots of fun and spending quality family time together at different beautiful locations. Kerley’s Instagram page has around 16.5K followers and around 379 posts that feature him and his adorable family.  Adam Kerley is the epitome of perfection! He is not only a family man but also the owner of a successful business. He also develops and sells properties and has modeled for various brands as well. Is there anything this man can’t do? If you’re searching for a source of inspiration or someone you can look up to, Kerley is the man! You can also follow his Instagram (@adamk85) for updates on his adorable family and work-life.

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