305GIRL (@artbaseler)


Not everyone was born to have a stethoscope around their neck and be a doctor, or have a calculator in their hand to be an accountant. Some people are born to be artists. Their left-side of the brain works harder than their right, and they have artistic and aesthetic gifts other people do not possess. Artists are born with a vision which they use to express their thoughts in the form of various sorts of art.

@artbaseler is known as 305GIRL on Instagram. Under this name, she posts aesthetic photos of art, nature, and more. Due to the nature of the quality content she has accumulated over 2,600 followers on the platform. It can be said with great confidence that her popularity and fame are only going to escalate with the passage of time. She is a designer and stylist by profession. Since the beginning, she has always enjoyed looking at art and photography. She was fascinated by the fact that through art she could communicate and express her feelings.

She usually revolves her photography around the beauty of nature. Other than sharing her photography, she also uses her platform to repost photos of other talented individuals and organizations so they can get the attention they deserve. She has reposted videos and photos from Marcel Wanders, Makeup Khulood, Joseph Cultice, and many more talented and gifted individuals.

She also uses her Instagram platform to share pictures and videos of the people who inspire her. She occasionally posts videos and photos of famous and talented artists such as Kanye West, Beyonce, and DJ Khaled.


305GIRL is truly talented in the art of photography. She has the skills to take beautiful and stunning shots without the usage of filters or any other sort of editing. She has a keen eye for nature and due to her skills and expertise, she takes the best photography.  305GIRL is an inspiration for young people everywhere who want to take a step towards the career of photography but are afraid to do so. She believes that there is more to life than having a desk job where you have to work 9 to 5.

Due to her unique and exceptional career choice, she has had the opportunity to interact with several talented people. 305GIRL is very skilled in what she does, she captures the attention of her favorite designers very easily. With her art, she also keeps them captivated. She is also open to trying new experiences. She has been involved in going fishing and has documented her new experience on her Instagram to share with her followers.

She uses Instagram to stay in touch with her followers and to inspire them with her art. Other than that, she also shares interesting stories and snippets on her Instagram. To get a glimpse of what it likes to live a life as a designer/stylist, @artbaseler on Instagram is one of the best accounts to follow. Aside from this, 305GIRL also is a source of inspiration for many. She believes that a picture is worth 1000 words and her photography is proof of this statement. It invokes several feelings and emotions from the viewer.

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