TechPixies (@techpixies)


TechPixies, also known as social media magic, is an award-winning company that deals with training people, especially women, on how to use social media platforms effectively. Techpixies are both award-winning and professionally accredited as a social enterprise. Ever since the company was founded by Joy Foster in 2015, TechPixies have managed to help hundreds and hundreds of women return back to professional work life, change their careers and even launch business through helping them with modern technology to assist them. 


TechPixies are one of the first to recognize, acknowledge, and answer to the very real problem a very large chunk of women in this day and age face: technological education. TechPixies were also one of the first to recognize that quite a lot of women require confidence so that they can go back to work and achieve what they have the potential of. Women can be working in fulfilling and stimulating careers for them if they could just jump across this one hurdle. TechPixies believe that one of the best ways to overcome this and to benefit the women suffering from this is through education so that they can develop to be confident and can shape their careers in any way that they chose to. 

Joy Foster, the founder of TechPixies, is a mother of two very young children. Before starting TechPixies, she was looking for work and having to take care of her children as well, she was looking for a job that was flexible, would pay well and would allow her to have enough time left so that she could spend it with her family. However, she could not find it. Due to this, she decided she would move to create her own job and start her own business that would help other mothers and women like her stuck with the very same problem as she was. TechPixies has grown to achieve Foster’s goal as it now helps other mothers find flexible and well-paid work. 

Due to the current global situation, quite a lot of businesses have been affected by it. TechPixies has been no different. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United Kingdom, where TechPixies is based, they decided to run a four-part, two-week free training program. The program seemed to be exactly what people were looking for and more than four thousand people signed up. Out of them, one thousand women managed to complete the training and TechPixies’ podcast, ‘Sparkle and Thrive’ hit number one on charts for Marketing in late-April. For TechPixies, despite the difficult circumstances, working towards achieving their goals is important. They felt amazing and grateful to be able to give back to society in such unprecedented times. 

Due to the hard work put into TechPixies, they have gone on to receive several awards. One of the most recent awards from the ones they have received is the Digital Women’s Course of the Year 2020. They also won Women in Business Startup of the Year award in 2018, the IoD Startup Director of the Year for London, and the South, and Joy Foster was named to Grant Thornton’s 100 Faces of the Vibrant Economy for her hard work in TechPixies. They also have been able to raise £150k of female-led investment so they could fully make their courses online that they can become more accessible to everyone.

TechPixies are now currently focused on upgrading and making their primary program, the TechPixies Step by Step Social Media Magic, much better. They now also offer a in a Day course as a part of their programs to make social media more accessible for women. They also have added a Digital Marketing Principles course with an all-access pass for every interested person. One can follow TechPixies across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest at @TechPixies and visit their website on

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