Prateek Gandhi (@pacedrapper)


Prateek Gandhi, famously known as Pace D Rapper, is as the name suggests, a well-known rapper, singer, and composer. Not only this, he is also involved in other aspects of the music industry as he is a music director, producer, and sound engineer as well. Currently based in Perth, Western Australia, Pace belongs to the city of Bhopal in India. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Sound Engineering from SAE Institute Melbourne, which immensely helped him become someone who has a deep understanding of audio engineering.

When doing his degree in IT Engineering back in 2009, he realized he was not made to study all the programming such as C++, Java, and PHP, and that was not the career which he had to follow. He decided to pursue music as that was what he was born for. Following his dreams, he started to make music in 2012. His first underground Hip Hop track was “Gangster Love Life” which he made in 2012 and then sold his rights to AIDC in 2016. He had worked as the composer, singer, rapper, and music producer of the song, and is soon going to release its sequel called “Godfather”. Pace recalls the year 2013 as the year when he was struggling and working really hard to get into the Hip Hop scene. He was working on his track called “Bhaad Me Jaa Sali” that year in which he expresses the emotions of those youngsters who have been betrayed by the person they love. The music video for the track was shot in Indore city in India, and they even had to block the Airport road for four hours for shooting. His first international collaboration was with an African artist called Young Xaviour on an RnB Hip Hop Track named “Your Heart”. They made it within two hours working in the SAE Studios in Perth in 2018.


His remake of the famous song “O Lal Dupattay Wali” garnered huge attention from the audience when he released it in August 2018 via the record label Venus Music. His latest release is his first-ever Hip Hop EP (extended play) record, named “International Boy”. This EP made him the first person from Bhopal to launch a Hip Hop EP, that too on an international level. The record contains four songs: “Bhopal ka International Chhora”, “Bhav Na Kha Tu”, “Give Me Your Loving” and “I’m So Into You”. The reason why he named the EP “International Boy” is that it was a result of people from different parts of the world working on it. Indian, African and Australian had worked in a team to produce this amazing record and so it is a symbol of unity. Out of all these, “Bhopal Ka International Chhora” is very close to Prateek’s heart as in that, he tells his own story about reaching where he is. He expresses what struggles he faced and what did he have to lose to achieve something in the music industry and establish himself as a rapper.

According to Pace, he has two faces, one is of just Prateek Gandhi who respects and loves everyone as he admits that wherever he is right now, he has reached there with the support of everyone and thanks to them for it. The other face is of Pace D Rapper (PDR) who always speaks the truth no matter how bitter and harsh it may be. He has achieved success in his field because of his own hard work and so he thinks that a person earns respect by himself, and not by taking help from others or collaborating with them. It is one’s own talent for making good quality Hip Hop music which attracts the audience and gets praise from them. On his Instagram account @pacedrapper which has a huge following of more than 21,000 followers, he announced that he is working on a new track “Pyaar Ka Timetable” which would be released soon. His own website contains details of all of his songs on which he has worked and the story behind them. His songs and their music videos are available on his YouTube channel @pacedrapper, and his fans can follow him on Facebook as well. His music is available on various streaming platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, and JioSaavn, where he is officially verified. 

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