Mrs. Nicole Martinez (@mrs.nicolemartinez)


There is an abundance of strong, confident, and ambitious women in the world. These women have worked tirelessly to achieve their dreams and goals and are beautiful and unapologetic. Mrs. Nicole Martinez is truly such a woman! With countless successes under her name, she not only owns her design firm but also runs it with great creativity and passion. We all love a strong female CEO!

As a child, Nicole did not come from a lot of privilege and luxury. She was always taught to fight hard and work to achieve the things she wanted in life. Being raised with this attitude had a huge impact on how she did things in life. It helped her not take anything for granted. It also helped her stay grounded and be thankful for the blessings that she had. 

Even when she was younger, Nicole had a passion for designing things and creating art. She also had a knack for being able to sell the things she had created. After creating new objects, she would go around trying to convince the people around her to buy them from her. She would regularly go around her neighborhood with her little inventions and convince her neighbors to purchase them. And she was pretty successful. It looks like she’s been practicing her creative marketing skills from a very young age! Who knew that one day these little inventions would lead to Nicole establishing her design firm and helping out entrepreneurs?  

As she was growing up, Nicole also realized the power of words. Since she grew up in a religious family, she was always a very spiritual child. She also attended church regularly with her family and was inspired by the sermons she got to hear every week. The words of God inspired and motivated her and she came to the conclusion that words were extremely powerful. And those words could be used to help the people around her. She uses these words today to inspire and motivate her clients so that they can develop and run their businesses with efficiency and passion. Nicole’s work has inspired thousands of people around the globe. She not only gives people moral support but also guides aspiring entrepreneurs and helps them with creative projects. 

Nicole decided that social media platforms were a great place to market her creative designs. Her Instagram page operates under the name @mrs.nicolemartinez and has around 427 posts, many of which, feature beautiful pictures of her work. She has around 22k followers on that page and has hundreds of likes and comments on each of her posts. Not only this, but she has also mentioned her company’s website: www.imbrandified in her descriptions and has identified herself as the owner of this company. Her Instagram description also includes her life motto “GOD FIRST” and states her passions: Brand Discovery, Graphic design, and Web designing. If you ever develop an interest in any of the above or want some creative advice regarding your own business, you could always message Nicole on her Instagram page. You could even contact her on Facebook under the name “Mrs. Nicole Martinez.” 

Nicole is truly a master of all things! She also hosts another Instagram page called @sisstartyourbusiness and even has a website under the same name. www.sisstartyourbusiness is a website that helps, guides, and motivates young female entrepreneurs to establish their businesses. Nicole posts motivation quotes and pictures on her Instagram page every day to further this cause. She is doing some great things for women around the world!  

Some of Nicole’s most striking qualities are her talents and passion. But even more importantly, her ability to help others and be empathetic make her one of the nicest, humble, and most supportive female entrepreneurs out there. You can always take inspiration from her and contact her if you need guidance. She has helped influence the lives of hundreds of people, you might get a chance to be one of them as well!

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