Montgomery Law (@educationlawyers)


“Teaching schools a lesson” is the motto behind Montgomery Law LLC. founded by a passionate education lawyer – Joseph Montgomery.  Montgomery Law (More commonly referred to as Education lawyers) is a US-based Law firm specializing in all education-related lawsuits with offices in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Galloway (New Jersey), and Palm Beach (Florida).

Montgomery Law mostly works free of charge for clients as the majority of them belong to low-income families living in suburbs and are parents of children with disabilities. They usually work on getting reimbursements of any fees (if at all) through school districts; doing poor underprivileged people a great service. The law firm helps with multiple ranges of problems and rights revolving schools. They have actively worked to help disabled kids get the rights and services they deserve in school. Not only that but they have raised their voice against bullying in school and saved countless kids’ lives.

Joseph Montgomery, the face behind Education Lawyers, focuses his practice particularly on assisting parents having disabled children in school and their related school-based issues. He earned J.D. (his Juris Doctor) Degree from Widener University School of Law. Joseph also finished an Intensive Trial Advocacy Program while studying at Widener. Furthermore, he successfully competed in Alternative Dispute Resolution competitions and won several other accolades for his University. Loving sports from a young age, Joseph was also a valuable member of his law school’s rugby team. Perhaps most notably, Joseph completed a semester of law school in Chongqing, China – the Southwest University of Politics and Law (SWUPL – 西南政法大学). While at SWUPL, he acted as an international ambassador for Widener Law. For all of his amazing achievements and hard work, Widener Law honored Joseph with the outstanding service award as well as the pro bono distinction for his work in the community.

After graduation, Joseph joined the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, where he prosecuted criminals for many successful years and spent almost every day battling in courtrooms. Having a helping heart, Joseph believed that if he could start his own practice, he could become more effective in helping people deal with specific legal issues, particularly education-related. That’s where Montgomery Law was born.

Through Montgomery Law, Joe was able to fully realize his passion for helping children and their families at all levels of litigation and protection. Aside from working as a lawyer, Joe also teaches lectures on Special Education Law to groups of educators, attorneys, parents, and other professionals. He is very active on social media and even has a YouTube channel where he posts informative video lectures regarding Children Education and their school rights along with laws attached to them. Joe is also an avid pilot and loves the world of aviation. He is also the author of the book “Parent vs. School” which made it to Amazons top rankings for books.  

Joseph has a highly experienced team of professional education lawyers. The most notable of them is his mother, Mary Montgomery. She is the Paralegal and advocate for Montgomery Law and has more than 35 years of experience guiding, directing, and enhancing the quality of special education services for students in both Philadelphia and New Jersey. She has incredible experience in all aspects of special education, both as a special education teacher, as well as an administrator responsible for the provision of special education services. Dr. Mary Montgomery has quite literally dedicated her entire career to serving children with disabilities and acting as a special education advocate. She was the brains behind many innovative programs for students in various school districts. Moreover, she was awarded the Montgomery County ARC, “Educator of the Year Award,” for her efforts to improve the lives of children with disabilities.

Another primary lawyer at Montgomery Law is Bradley Flynn who works as an Associate Attorney and practices in the areas of education and civil rights law. Brad brings in a new perspective to the firm due to his years of experience working in schools directly with children with special needs. Brad’s deep and comprehensive knowledge about how schools operate from the inside enables him to advocate more effectively for clients.

Anyone who wants to stay updated on what Education Lawyers are up to and their progress in helping disabled children at school can reach out to them via their many social media accounts. Follow them on Instagram @educationlawyers ( and Facebook @educationlawyers ( For their informative video lectures, check out their YouTube Channel – Montgomery Law Education Lawyers ( They also have their own websites, (, and (, where you can set up appointments and find more about their services.

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