Michael Peatross (@peat_ross_daboss)


Michael Peatross is a successful entrepreneur and currently runs an insulation business in Lafayette, Louisiana. Dealing with the sale and purchase of property, being a realtor is also one of his professions. He is known as a progressive leader in the insulation business industry due to the enormous success of his own company “Foam Insulation (LLC)” has gained. His lifelong dream is to empower others and give them the tools necessary for success which is why he tries to use various platforms to help people achieve their goals.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, he graduated from St. Thomas More High School and then went on to pursue higher studies from Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge, LA. He also had an interest in soccer and was very skilled in the sport which also led him to be a state finalist for soccer. After working for Nasland Engineering in San Diego, California, he started “Foam Insulation (LLC)” in Austin, Texas. Currently, he runs that business in Lafayette, LA. His business aims to reduce energy consumption and provide a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. It provides spray foam insulation which is not only reliable and cost-effective, but also environmentally-friendly. The company installs open and closed cell foam insulation products in buildings whether they are for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes. His knowledge about the science related to building construction helps him address the needs of his clients. He believes that in order to create a positive and healthy environment, it is vital to choose what is right for the people in that space. He wants to make sure that each product they offer to their customers is efficient and also helps them in saving money from excessive energy consumption. The business is certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI), Resnet, and is also a Certified Energy Auditor/Rater. He aims to deliver high-quality service to his clients and have a customer-friendly environment so that the building process is enjoyable and positive. Customers can visit the website at spraythefoam.com and also follow it on its Facebook page.

Michael has also formed Peatross Development where he is a residential and commercial contractor. Based in Central Florida, the firm provides its customers with ready-to-use construction solutions for both, residential and commercial buildings. What distinguishes the company from others in the industry is that they offer their clients services that have the right balance of high quality and high style. The people involved in its value teamwork as the main key to success and have a deep understanding of the engineering behind the construction. All this along with keeping the budgets in mind has helped the second-generation contractor meet the expectations of the clients, and made it win an award as well. The company is known for its experience and versatility as it has worked on several projects ranging from new commercial construction and high-end custom homes to even renovations and remodeling projects. They even give tours to some of their completed projects so that the clients can witness the hard work put in by the team and the high level of professionalism. Customers can also see their services on their YouTube channel.

Businesses related to construction and engineering are not the only ones in which Michael is involved. He is also starting a platform that would help people through fashion. One of the websites, bosssbae.com is dedicated to women’s empowerment through fashion, and another,  dabosss.com is meant to empower everyone.

What inspired Michael to start these several initiatives was his will to help people and change their lives. One can know more about him by following him Instagram (@peat_ross_daboss).

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