Mahdi alown (@mahdialown)


Does life end after marriage? Some people view their life in different stages; childhood, the age everyone wants to grow up and the time everyone misses the most, teenage years, the time that’s the most romanticized but is actually the start of everything going wrong, the twenties, where everyone expects you to succeed in every way but all you see are closed doors, and then marriage. Everyone considers the term marriage with such finality- as if all the good parts of life are before it, and all that is to come is bad news. It’s not as if marriage is never nice-for some people it just represents a stagnancy in their careers and their life. Everyone expects everything to fall in at this point and become a routine. Day in, day out, everything is expected to the same and suddenly your life is moving but still at a standstill. However, this in the end just depicts our mindset. The truth is- there’s a whole new chapter starting after marriage, it doesn’t mean that your career is at a pause, your adventures have stopped or you won’t experience anything new now. It’s a whole new avenue to explore and the bonus is that you have more people to enjoy it with! One such person who’s been making the most of his life is Mahdi Alown, a coach and a podcast host and most importantly, a dad!

Mahdi is someone who can assess qualities, and use them to their full capacity. It’s similar to knowing what kind of features you want in a car and then making the most use of it you can. It’s a metaphor to explain that Mahdi is aware of all his talents and can assess himself like no other, and being the practical and quick-witted man he is, he chose his careers to complement his strengths. For most people, high school and college are where we display our potential and it was no different for him.

From the many activities he dabbles in, Mahdi’s inspiration for his podcast stems from his talent in public speaking. He realized his talent when he was in university in 2008 and didn’t just win regional competitions, but won an award at an international competition, beating most of the prestigious universities in the Arabian Gulf. He was also great at managing and delegating having spent his university heading various events, and was awarded the deans’ award and the leadership award for his efforts. He knew, thus, that his tendency to lead wouldn’t work well as an underling in an office job, and the best thing for him was to work for himself. Meeting the hosts to his favorite podcast, Mind pump, also inspired him and both of these reasons started his podcast to spread his story and also because this was something he could manage himself and felt happy doing so!

Mahdi isn’t a one-track mind kind of guy. He was a speaker, but he was a player as well. He was one of the few popular kids who could debate and also play ball! And thus it was no surprise when he made it to the first national baseball team for Kuwait in 1998. When the time came, he gave up being an active athlete and traded it for the life of a coach-2020 will mark his 15th year as a baseball coach! He’s a CrossFit master athlete as well as having been an Exos certified fitness trainer for 20 years!

Mahdi Alown has achieved all this and continues to do so whilst holding the hand of his 5-year-old son, one of the brightest aspects of his life! He could be certified as the coolest dad hosting the nation’s most popular podcast, as well as playing ball with his son whenever he feels like it. He’s a role model for everyone who thinks the enjoyment of life ends by the time you hit your thirties and have kids- he is constantly breaking barriers and surpassing all expectations!

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