Jessica Huamani (@jessicahuamani)


Jessica Huamani is an ex-beauty pageant queen from Venezuela, currently based in Manhattan, New York City. She has a vivacious and outgoing personality and tries to spread love and positivity for people all around the world. She has a great love of travelling, going around the globe, seeing all the beauty this world has to offer and interacting with people from different cultures This has broadened her horizons, humbled her and made her open to new experiences. 

When she first moved to the United States and moved to New York, she found it very different from what she had expected. She found New York City to be a vibrant, alive, loud, hip and unique place. It was a melting pot of ethnicities, with all kinds of people from all around the globe. It had the bright lights, the crowds, the noise and all the excitement that comes with it. She was amazed to see so many attractions there, so many activities to do and a wealth of knowledge to be explored. It is the city of new beginnings, hope and where dreams come true. Jessica wanted to document and share her experience in New York City as an immigrant as she explored all that the city had to offer. 

Jessica has documented her journey in the city well both on Instagram and Facebook. You can find her under @jessicahuamani on Instagram where she has close to forty thousand followers or on Facebook under Jessica Huamani. Jessica is extremely approachable on social media and loves to keep it real. She can be often found posting meaningful and insightful captions, sharing all she has learnt from her experiences over the years and encouraging people to be kind and accepting of everyone. When she moved to NYC, being a big foodie, she would often visit different restaurants and share artful pictures of what she was eating. Her followers appreciated it so much that they started asking her for restaurant and travel recommendations, this delighted her and she was happy to comply. Hence, she regularly tries to find new and exciting places to visit and shares them with her followers so that she can inspire them to explore new places and things as well. 

She realizes that we live in the era of social media where every post we see is the Photoshoped and colour corrected version of peoples seemingly perfect lives, relationships and bodies. It puts incredible pressure to attain unachievable goals to gain happiness. But Jessica has realized that the key to happiness is not materialistic or superficial, rather it is to accept oneself wholly, flaws and all. She encourages everyone to be accountable for their actions and work on themselves to be better people. You can find more of Jessica’s unfiltered thoughts on

Jessica has crowned Miss Globe Venezuela in 2013, winning one of the most prestigious beauty pageants in Venezuela. Winning the competition, however, takes more than just looking pretty, and is not as glamorous as it sounds. It requires a lot of planning, training and preparation. One has to be groomed, capable, intelligent, driven and talented. It takes years of dedication, hard work and diligence to win the esteemed title. She managed to impress everyone with not just her beauty but also with her charisma, elegance and personality. Since then, she has had much success, she has done numerous shoots and appeared on the covers of several magazines in Venezuela as well.  

Jessica still models from time to time, accepting brand sponsorships and deals. She often posts beautiful and tasteful shots of herself enjoying her life with friends and loved ones on her Instagram and Facebook for her many followers and admirers. Her class, beauty, height and her fashion sense truly set her apart from the crowd. Despite all her success, Jessica has remained humble, grateful and kind which is quite uncommon in this day and age and conducts herself with a rare elegance and poise. 

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