Jean Carlos Arias (@jeanarias)


Jean Carlos Arias is a stock trader and has built a diverse portfolio of stock options and futures. He also has investments in real estate and construction remodeling. Jean’s journey towards this career path started when he decided to pursue financial independence so he would not have to depend on anyone else and could have a secure future. He had previously been an athlete and played college baseball and minor league football for several years. 

Despite his young age, he has been able to achieve a lot in his career. He is currently a part of the Dives Auri company based in Orlando, Florida. It offers a variety of financial services such as consultations and helps other people set up their new businesses and makes sure they are successful. Dives Auri is known for trust and dedication which shows how Jean fits right in. 

In today’s world being truly successful is not just about making money but is also about working on your physical and mental wellbeing. Jean is proud of his athletic past and tries to stay fit by regularly going to the gym. He often posts gym selfies on his Instagram as a way to motivate his followers and keep himself going. Fitness seems to be a big part of his life. He also enjoys swimming and regularly posts pictures where he can be seen relaxing and having fun in a swimming pool. During his time as an athlete, Jean would play college baseball. The position he played was of an Outfielder and he would bowl and bat as a left-handed player.

Hard work can only translate into success if one is smart about their work and committed to it. And the road to success is not easy, it is often paved with failures that allow you to learn and grow as a person and a professional. Based on his extensive experience and knowledge he has a lot of advice to offer to his followers. He has learned a lot from his success and failures. Initially when he started off his career he lost a lot of money in the pursuit of trying to make more money. His motto had been all or nothing and while this may be inspirational, he soon realized that this was not a sustainable way of working. Even though he was soon able to find his bearings, he thinks other people should be more conservative in their financial dealings so they don’t lose out. 

He has already amassed 13 thousand followers on Instagram. His Instagram bio states “Slowly achieving goals while others sleep”, this shows how he is goal-oriented and always working. Jean is very regular on his Instagram and frequently posts pictures. He also engages with his followers and replies to their comments. His posts are personal and inspirational. He often posts pictures with his wife and it is very easy to see that they are both very much in love and value each other. His many cars also visible in his pictures and this shows how he is able to lead a lavish lifestyle and afford such luxuries. We can also see how Jean is dedicated to his family. Many of his pictures are with his family and we can see that he loves them dearly. Jean also thinks that it is important to keep one’s family close. One must think about the future they want for their family and then align their goals so they can afford this future for them. While life can get tough, and hardships cannot be avoided, one must use their family as a motivation to push ahead and keep working hard.

Jean has a great online presence and it is likely to keep growing. He is not only focused on his career goals but also greatly cares about his family and providing for them. This shows that he will continue to grow as a professional and also have good relationships. While he values his success and has worked hard for it, he does not shy away from offering advice to others and this is another great quality which will make him very far.

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