Evaughntae Malik White (@taedetta)


Everyone in this world at some point in their lives goes through adversities and difficult time periods. Although a lot of people may have the urge and tendency to throw a fit or react negatively, people who are calm and collected learn from these experiences and change themselves for the better.

Evaughntae Malik White can be considered as one of the second types of people. After he went through hardships because of negative people, he assigned himself a nickname to feel more confident. He now goes by “Taedetta” because the name is a reminder of everyone who tried to make him feel inferior or not good enough. Taedetta credits his success to people who did not believe in him as this caused his passion to only increase. He derived the name “Taedetta”, by adding his own twist on “V for Vendetta”, inspired by the famous character.

Taedetta is a 22-year-old Black Dominican man. He was raised with love and care from his parents, Diana and Charles. He grew up in a large and loving family of seven boys and three girls. For his hobbies, Taedetta turns to the outdoors for his primary source of entertainment. He loves to go hiking, fishing, and shooting ranges. When he is not outdoors, he likes to take the edge off by playing fun games or reading articles to increase his knowledge. 

Taedetta has strong morals and mottos to which he lives by. He acknowledges the fact that it is a reality that he may not win and be successful all the time; failure is a part of living and growing as an individual. Hence, he keeps his chin up and tries to give all his efforts to whatever he puts his mind to. This practice means that Taedetta is full of humility and modesty. He has complete faith in his abilities and knows that he can achieve whatever he puts his mind to.

With his ethics, he likes to share his knowledge and wisdom with the people around him. He likes to inspire and encourage them to work hard and believe in themselves. Being a hard-working individual, he realizes that a lot of people can face burnout and frustration due to various reasons such as work. Taedetta likes to remind people that in such cases, they should turn to their loved ones, their friends, and family. This route is way better than indulging in harmful coping mechanisms such as drugs and intoxicants. 

It can be said with confidence that Taedetta is excelling in his personal life. To add to this, he is also flourishing in his professional life. He is the proud owner of Whites Trucking. This organization offers quality services regarding transport such as refrigerated transport, warehousing, and regional and long hauls. The business promises professionalism, reliability, efficiency, and exceptional results. The business is located in Richland County, United States. Their website be browsed at www.whitestrucking.com

Even with the success, Taedetta has achieved, he reminds his followers and fans that money is not everything. According to the business owner, accumulating a large sum of money will only create problems that did not exist beforehand. He reminds his Instagram followers that they do not have to be rich to be wealthy since wealth comes from the soul and heart. He has achieved over 8,000 followers on Instagram and with his growing success; this number is only climbing up. He also posts photos of his loved ones and pictures of their travels together. To update his followers, he likes to post videos of his adventures on social media platforms such as boating in Lake Murray. He can be followed on Instagram at @taedetta. 

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