Chaithra Rai (@chaithrarai17)


Chaithra Rai is a very successful South Indian actress while simultaneously being a social media sensation. She has spent her time working on a range of TV series and movies in both languages Tegula and Kannada. She has won numerous awards for her acting career and now has a large following on all her social media accounts, becoming a national TV and internet sensation.

Chaithra did not plan to be an actress her whole life despite her talent, in fact she was studying in her final year for Hotel Management as she happened upon the opportunity that was to change the path of her life. She got offered to play the role in her first-ever Kannada movie, “Jamboo Savari,” a light-hearted comedy released in 2014. After her first hit, she spent her time perfecting her art and moved on to her next projects. She worked in a very diverse range of series and movies after that, namely: Kusumanjali, Bannada Buguri, Bombe Atavayaa, and so on. Very early on in her career, Chaitra landed one of her biggest roles as ‘Vishaka’ in the hit series “Radha Kalyana.” 

In the span of her successful 9-year-long acting career, Chaithra has managed to win numerous awards on multiple platforms. She has won the Bulithera away for ‘Best Actress’ twice, in 2016 and recently in 2019. She has won the ‘Best Preyasi Award’ for “Radha Kalyana,” one of three awards won that night by Radha Kalyana. Also, the ‘Best Negative Role’ and the ‘Best Daughter-in-Law’ for “Ashta Chemma” on Star Maa, ‘Best Pair’ for “That is Mahalakshmi” on Zee Telugu, and finally in 2019 she won ‘Best Chemistry Couple’ for “Attarintlo Akka Chellelu” on Zee Telugu. Chaithra has surely proven her acting abilities to the world with her numerous awards. 

Besides acting, Chaithra spends her time active on social media. On her Instagram alone she has gathered a growing 243k + followers. Her Instagram feed is full of positive messages. She is incredibly open and honest with her fans and allows for a channel of positivity to be built through her posts. Her posts consist of telling her followers to not fret over bad luck, she often reminds her followers to be in touch with nature and to not give up on themselves. She yearns for her followers to take her lead and block out negativity, to pray, and to love yourself. She is an advocate for mental health. 

She likes to remind her followers she is just like them. She posts pictures with her pets and of her happy marriage with her husband based on an article from the Times of India, the third-largest Indian newspaper. She posts multiple times in a day and engages with her followers by replying and liking their comments. Additionally, she has many fan accounts, some whose followings come up to over 1k followers which she appreciates. 

Chaithra is not only active on Instagram but on most social media platforms. She has 21.6k followers on her Facebook and a whopping 1.3 million followers on TikTok (with her total likes equating to 11.5 million) among all the other social media platforms she is active on. On her TikTok she likes to post daily content to stay involved with her followers and posts an array of videos such as acting, dancing and comedy, and more trends. Chaithra knows the power of her platform and uses it to spread knowledge. Recently, she posted a collaboration video with colleagues and friends about staying safe in these uncertain times due to COVID-19. In this video, she stayed on trend to make sure her message is heard and urged her followers to stay home and keep themselves busy in quarantine.                                 

Overall, Chaithra is a South Indian devote actress, internet sensation, and loving wife. She has years of experience and uses it to impact her diverse audience. She stays on trends and uses her platform to engage with her followers to teach them to enjoy their life, love themselves, their family, and to stay safe. 

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