Blend My Face (@blendmyface)


Women have always wanted to look beautiful and attractive – therefore, they take immense care of their skin to prevent it from damaging and burning. They buy expensive cosmetic items to apply to their skin to look attractive. Whether it is a party, formal function, or a wedding ceremony, women wear make-up to look charming. They either go to beauty parlours or put on make-up on their own, whatever but; they always try their best to look gorgeous and seize the attention of people around them with their exquisite looks.

They feel delighted when people admire them for their alluring appearance. Women mostly prefer purchasing those beauty products having long-lasting and satisfying results. Further, women have always been concerned about cosmetic items before purchasing and look at the product from every angle such as product quality, quantity, lasting duration, composition, coverage, rate, and effects.

They buy quality products which do not cause any harm to their skin and do not give patchy look to their face. According to the beauticians, the first step of starting a make-over is applying foundation or BB creams evenly on the face and neck using a good quality sponge. But, most of the sponges are of a local quality that absorbs plenty of foundation or powder and gives a sporty look to the face. Many sponges cause irritation and serious infections to the skin. But don’t worry because this article introduces you to a wonderful Microfiber blender brand titled ‘blend my face’. Blend my face is a makeup sponge company which sells their ravishing sponges all over the world. Their quality products are available on Amazon from where people can easily purchase at reasonable and affordable prices. 

Many women complain about the local-quality sponges that are available in the market; those sponges are hard and absorb a greater amount of foundation than the sponges to blend my face. Local-quality sponges do not last for more than one and a half months but the Microfiber sponges of blend my face last at least for three months.


The sponges of ‘blend my face’ expand to twice the size when they become wet. They are ultra-soft and squishy. The outer layer of blend my face sponge is just commendable. It is flabby and mushy. These sponges have one main key attribute that they absorb very less amount of product and make it last for a longer period of time than expected.

These sponges, due to their quality of inflating, help in the uniform application of foundation throughout the entire face and prevent from giving a blotchy appearance to the face. Moreover, blend my face sells the angular sponges in different size which help in applying the foundation onto harder-to-reach spots of the face. Besides, when we pay our attention to the composition of the sponge, we come to know that these quality sponges are made of ultra-premium Microfibers which make the sponge soft, fluffy, and bouncy. 

The sponges of blend my face are used in the application of foundation, mousse, concealers, contour, primer, fixer, creamy blush, creamy highlighter, storing cream, and BB cream. After applying these products using blend my face sponges, one can maintain a glossy, fresh, and gleaming look all day. 

In addition to this, what distinguishes blend my face sponges from other sponges is its ultra-premium microfiber material and its quality of absorbing the least amount of product. Their company has also been approved Trademark for an official logo. All the sponges of blend my face company give pleasing and satisfactory outcomes. To know more about this elegant brand, follow on social media:



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