Baddix Bags Collection (@_baddixcollection_)


Growing up, the thing that kids struggle most with is having their parents acknowledge that they’re not children anymore. A lot of different issues stem from parents having this mindset, which deals with common disagreements within the family. These more often than not end up creating a rift between one/both of the parents with their kids at the very age in which their kids are emotionally vulnerable and need them the most. Very few parents and even fewer kids are able to find the mental space/wisdom to meet in the middle and understand where the other side is coming from. When unresolved, these issues stem into distances that last well into the kids’ adulthood. While most parents struggle to accept their kids’ maturity, there are also those who lie on the other side of the spectrum. In spite of these being very few, their kids are able to find their inner confidence and strengths very early on to focus on. Asia Morton is one of these fortunate individuals.

Her brand is named Baddix Bags Collection and boasts a colorful website full of inexpensive, organic, home-made makeup products. One scroll through her ‘Shop’ section displays a variety of flavors and colors for different types of lip-gloss that are sometimes also thematic (Iron Man lip-gloss). There is also a variety of bath products that involve funky and trendy merchandise like candy soap. What is impressive is the diversity within the products and the brilliant ideas that seem to be contained within each one. There is no one product that looks like any other. There is a range to choose from and all of them are unique and look like a display at a sweet-shop; colorful and hard to choose from.


The most amazing thing about Asia owning her own brand is that she’s currently only 16 years of age. The biggest inspiration in her entire journey has always been her mother. Her mother has always been a very driven woman when it comes to her career and Asia has always seen her very involved with her work. Growing up with no siblings, she was impressed by her mom a lot. One thing that struck her about her career was the fact that her mom worker for no one, she was her boss so she was able to use that to her absolute advantage. Apart from that, her mother has never undermined her as a kid. As far as Asia can remember she had always been encouraging her to find her calling. Being a self-made entrepreneur at such a young age makes her feel proud of herself because she knows she’s also making her mother proud at every step.

Apart from this, Morton has always been focused on herself as an individual and her growth. She has never had many friends during high school and a complete lack of romantic partners. The space that little to none emotional connection created in her mind enabled her to use it more for ways to kick start her career. Little did she know, what she was looking for had always been within her very reach. From a very young age, she had loved experimenting and making lip-glosses. The idea of turning this hobby into a career came to her very suddenly and she readily accepted it because this meant she could earn while also doing something she already loved. This beginning of an idea enforced her to drop out of a normal high school to enroll in a charter school in order to graduate early so that she could graduate early and focus entirely on her career.

Young individuals like Asia who are driven about what they do from the very start are always set to do something big with their future. This seems to be the exact thing Asia is looking for. She has never cared for normal teenage stuff opting to miss prom just so she could focus on her self. Being the owner of a brand at such a young age has given her a lot of inspiration and motivation. She is now looking forward to following the path of her dreams even more and making her mother prouder than she has ever been.

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