Alia Al sharif (@aliahalsharif)


When it comes to blogging, Alia Al Sharif is an all-rounder. Alia Al Sharif is a blogger and a banker based in the United Arab Emirates. Just like any other blogger, Alia is known by many across the world for her impeccable taste and her eye for the best things. Her blog largely focuses on travelling and beauty care. Apart from this, Alia offers her followers with a daily dose of motivation and positivity. Alia believes that her mission in life is to lead a purposeful life by documenting her purest intentions. Her blogs cater to a wide audience where she posts the captions not only in English, but also in Arabic so that its accessible to many. 


Alia’s travel posts can transport you to places that you have never been to before. Her deep-rooted passion for discovering the world and its wonderful cultural diversity is visible in her travel posts. You travel with Alia to the wonderful, scenic routes in Greece, to all the amazing food places in Turkey, to the memorable sights in New York, to the iconic French buildings in France, and much more. Alia’s travel posts make it seem like you are there with her, every step of the way. She covers extensively the places that she has visited and offered an authentic experience to her followers. Her posts will offer you advice on places to visit whilst you are travelling. Not only this, but she also reviews food places in the places that she travels to and will advise you on the best things to eat at such places. Alia’s adventures keep raising the bar for the competing bloggers with her stunning pics taken in some of the most striking places on earth.

When she’s not documenting her travels to dreamy locations like France and Turkey, blogger Alia Al Sharif is breaking down beauty cosmetic procedures in her Instagram stories. Alia has a great chunk of her blog dedicated to beauty care, where she offers her audience an insight into beauty procedures like PRP, hair fillers, and much more. Alia shares her own experience with the procedures and reviews them. And to get professional input, she holds conversations with cosmetic procedure experts. Alia interviews beauty experts and gets in the details for the beauty procedures. Alia’s extensive insight into the procedures helps you answer the questions that you would have never dared to ask but will be glad to know about. Alia offers help navigating the beauty world, with a special focus on cosmetic procedures. She’ll tell you which procedure works the best for you and will help you in making beauty decisions for yourself. 

If you ever feel low and are in need of some motivation, Alia’s Instagram captions and posts are a bottomless well of inspiration. As a normal human being, it gets very easy to be overwhelmed, tired, and sometimes frustrated with your life. But you will see her sending positive thoughts and yoga inspirations for her followers. Alia helps you in staying motivated to lead a better life through inspirational quotes, photos, and videos. Through her posts, she lets her followers know that she cares for them and is there for them. 

Along with running a blog on beauty and travel, Alia is also seen posting recipes for some very famous Arabic dishes. Her recipe videos are very detailed and allow for people to cook with her. 

Her Instagram account is the one place to get it all, ranging from food to travel to beauty and much more. If you are interested in following her on her travel and beauty adventures, you can check her out on Instagram @aliahalsharif. 

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