Alex Hostetler (@thealexhostetler)


When you have a passion for something, then you tend not only to be better at it, but you work harder at it too. This statement sheds light on how people become ready to pour all of their efforts into a cause given that they have a passion for it.

Alex Hostetler is such an individual who had worked very hard in the field of business and commerce to aid people and organizations around him. Alex is a recent graduate of High Point University, North Carolina, United States. He graduated with flying colours with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with minors in Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Global Trade to give an edge to his portfolio. Currently, he is using his talents and expertise to work as a start-up consultant, stock trader brand strategist, and entrepreneur.

Although he studied in the States for the majority of the time period, he has studied abroad as well. He has studied in great places such as the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Ireland. With his experience in studying in so many places, he has knowledge of a lot of cultures in the world. With his passion for commercial affairs and finance, he has experience in strategic planning, data analysis, market research, and logistics with a lot of organizations linked with places such as the United States, Australia, China, and the United Kingdom. Alex is a man of culture, he loves to travel to broaden his horizons and increase his awareness about different cultures and people. So far, he has travelled to 47 countries.


As for his personal life, Alex has always been keen to motivate others and to provide leadership. He himself has worked very hard to be where he is today. He wants to inspire other people to believe in their dreams and achieve them too. He started to post photos coupled with motivational and inspiring captions which were well-liked by a lot of people. Seeing this reaction, he vowed to use his platform to spread positivity. Apart from posting quotes to inspire and motivate his followers, he travels to striking and stunning places to show how beautiful the world is.

To further motivate his followers, he came up with the idea of a podcast. In his podcast “Launch Your Life”, Alex shares his experiences and the lessons he learned from them. He hopes that by sharing his knowledge, people can learn and apply it to their lives. He has received an overwhelmingly positive response from his listeners: people have reported that Alex’s thoughts and ideas have changed their professional and personal lives for the better.

Alex uses his podcasts to shed light on important struggles that are faced by new businesses throughout the world. He talks in detail about business terminology, productivity hacks, the importance of pursuing one’s passions, and more. He is very candid and honest in his podcasts as the episodes revolve around his personal and past experience. Occasionally, he invited guests over on his podcasts so they can share their respective insight on topics as well. Alex’s podcast episodes can be browsed on his website at

Alex believes that travelling is food for the soul. Hence, he wishes to enrich his soul with experiences, different cultures, and more. He uses Instagram to update his followers and fans about his journeys and travels. He showcases different foods, activities, and people he came across when he travels. All of his photos are amazing to look at as they encompass beautiful sceneries, stunning landmarks, and more. Due to the nature of his content, he has accumulated over 31,000 followers on the platform. Alex has the desire to motivate and inspire his followers to become better versions of themselves so he occasionally posts motivational quotes on his stories to kick start their days. In the past, he has also done fun giveaways to entertain his followers. He can be followed on Instagram at @thealexhostetler.

Alex also likes to post short snippets of his adventures on TikTok. He has posted short and entertaining videos of his visits in Australia, The Caribbean, Hawaii, Greece, New York, and more amazing places. On the topic of social media, he also uses Twitter to express his thoughts on world events and more. He shares important viewpoints and perspectives on various topics. He can be followed on TikTok at @lifeofalexhos and on Twitter at @TheAlexHos_. For a view of his professional life, he can be searched on LinkedIn as well.

Alex is truly an inspiring personality, as he is elevating other people and organizations through his quotes and podcasts. He is an avid traveller and likes to share his experiences with the world.

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