Ahmad Juma Bilal (@d2dxb)



Ahmad Juma Bilal (better known by his Instagram handle @d2dxb) is a rising Muslim Instagram Influencer with a passion for traveling the world. Born and raised in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Ahmad is a Virgo living in the city of gold – Dubai, UAE. Ahmad enjoys exploring new places, learning about their cultures, and experiencing what the locations have to offer. He captures cuisines, historical places, landmarks, and adventures he has through his lens.

It has been a dream of Ahmad’s to visit every continent around the globe and country by country, he is almost there in achieving that goal. So far, he has already visited multiple famous locations. He has climbed to the famous Christ the Redeemer Monument in Rio De Janeiro (Brazil), enjoyed a vacation at the gorgeous Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives, explored the historic La Rambla Street in Catalunya (Barcelona) and even had the pleasure of viewing the city of Paris (France) from the top of the Eiffel Tower. United States, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Finland, Singapore, Malaysia are just some of the countries he has been to. 

Not only that, but Ahmad utilizes his love of traveling through the sea with his adventures. And what better way to that other than to take a cruise. Yes, Cruises! To explore more countries in a systemized way and with a relaxed pace, Ahmad prefers to take cruises and has been on multiple voyages with a leading cruise holding company known as Royal Caribbean Cruises. At one of his cruise voyages with Royal Caribbean, he was offered a luxury stateroom worth $11000 for his birthday; that too in one of the largest and renowned cruise ships in the world; “The Symphony of the Seas”.

Travelling isn’t Ahmad’s only passion, for he adores cars just as much. He has owned several amazing cars, but he has posted mostly about his blue Mercedes AMG A-Series and a yellow Jeep Wrangler; both tastefully loaded with aftermarket parts. His Jeep Wrangler especially has caught the attention of Jeep enthusiasts online because of its menacing look. Ahmad has spent a pretty penny on changing its whole look by giving it a revamp. He started by installing an aftermarket body kit and suspension, wider rims and tires, sportier front grill, and gorgeous headlamps. He thoroughly enjoys taking his Jeep Wrangler out into the desert with his friends on safaris. He also joins other Jeep Enthusiasts in their rallies and meet-and-greets.

There is no doubt that Ahmad has expensive taste and loves the finer things in life. He proudly showcases his Rolex watches and loves to wear branded clothing. He is also a sneaker-head which is signified by his posts of himself wearing Yeezy and Buscemi footwear which is not cheap to come by. He stays in five-star hotels and loves to dine out in famous restaurants wherever he travels too. While traveling he even uses Louis Vuitton luggage bags and mostly travels business class. This naturally garnered a lot of interest in his social media accounts and set him up to share his adventures with the online world. 

Being a UAE National does have its benefits like visiting most countries visa-free, an opportunity Ahmad has utilized to the fullest by merging it with his passion. Having visited the better half of the world, Ahmad continues to travel and check off his boxes. For his photographs and videos, he usually uses his cellphones to capture them. He carries around an iPhone X and most recently a Huawei Mate 20 Pro. For drone shots and videos, he owns a DJI Mavic Air which he uses to capture scenery and landscape. 

Ahmad loves to interact with his followers about his trips. Anyone who wants to stay updated with his adventures around the world or wants to get a hold of him can reach out to him via social media. His Instagram is @d2dxb with a huge following of 60,000 followers. 

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