Abigail Rana (@abby.hk)


Abigail Rana is one such personality. She is both a professional model and a DJ. She has had so much experience in both of the fields and has DJed for many, many clubs all across Asia. Ever since she was really young, Rana had a keen ear and a huge passion for music in all forms. However, when she tried singing and playing instruments, she discovered that she is not the world’s greatest singer or very talented with instruments. 

This experimentation and discovery led her to sink her feet into the world of DJing and since then Rana has never looked back. Abigail Rana started her career in DJing when she was only sixteen years of age. She has now been DJing in clubs all over Hong Kong, Paris, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Shang Hai and even different cities in the United States including Miami. DJ Abigail Rana continues to grow even more in her career as time goes on. She has a huge fan cult-like following in Asia and has her name reached so many places. Being very passionate about her work, Rana always finds herself so excited to always jump on a plane to be at a location and start making people feel their best on her beats as she DJs away.

As Rana has now travelled over all over Asia and so, so many places, she must have come across so many unique experiences that no one else could share or understand. Because of her career, Rana has travelled to so many unique and different places, observed many different cultures, lifestyles, people and food, there is bound to be so many things she must associate with this way of life. When asked to recall some of the most interesting experiences her career has brought her, Rana always turns back to her night in Paris. Rana was DJing at the club, The Key, at night and it was especially memorable since it was her first time DJing outside of a club in Asia. It was there that she had the realisation that she truly had accomplished her dreams that she honestly thought she would not come close to doing so. She is now travelling all over the world, doing what she likes! She brings joy and happiness to people through just her work and music and she loves it.

This journey for Rana, however, has not been very easy as it may sound like. As most things in the current times happen digitally, Rana gets contacted for her work as a DJ also through her social media platforms such as Instagram. However, she has had a huge number of accounts on the app that pretends to be her. This had led many businesses having trouble finding the real DJ Abigail Rana and instead of contacting other accounts that are not related to her. Quite a lot of clubs looking forward to having Rana DJ for them have instead reached out to catfish accounts which has made Rana lose out on quite a lot of DJing opportunities. She hopes to become verified on the social media app so that these incidents can be avoided and that she does not lose her business over this. 

As a person who travels quite all the time due to work, Rana makes sure not to let an opportunity pass of capturing beautiful pictures, recording good memories and sharing them with her followers on Instagram. Rana shares beautiful pictures of breath-taking views from all of the places she has travelled to so far. She makes sure she keeps her more than 11.6 thousand followers updated with the behind-the-scenes of her work and also all the fun things she is up to outside of her work. One can follow Abigail Rana on the handle @abby.hk. 

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