ABC BODY & NUTRITION (@amandabizfitness)


Amanda Biz is a French-Albanian fitness trainer and model who is also a perfect example of what being multitalented is. She is a nurse with a degree in nutrition and sports, and pursuing her interests, she also does acting and photography alongside her main job. As someone who wants to try a lot of things and work in various fields, it would not be much of a surprise to know that she has also worked as a magician assistant. She has written her own fitness and a weight-loss program called ABC BODY which has tremendously helped people with getting their bodies fit and healthy.

Living in France, Amanda constantly posts tips for a healthy lifestyle on her Instagram account @amandabizfitness which has over 155,000 followers which tells that her tips have definitely worked for people. She had always been passionate about fitness and played sports quite often when she was young. Since the age of 18, she started working in different branches of the entertainment industry, such as acting, modeling, magic, and TV clips, to pay for her education. The modeling industry requires the models to be thin and fit, and being a model for various online clothing shops, Amanda was also constantly concerned about her weight. Due to this, like others in the field, she also did not have a healthy lifestyle and did excessive sports with an improper diet to get the results quicker. When doing her studies in medicine and then nurse, she started to gain weight because of being inactive. A lot of “yoyo” diets which she tried failed as it ended in her gaining weight and having loose skin. She realized she wasn’t eating properly and taking the nutrition which her body required. The two diet patterns she was following, eating too little while exercising a lot, and eating food rich in carbohydrates and not exercising enough, were quite unhealthy and harmful for her body. Once she realized that the way to have a fit and healthy body was to have a balanced diet and exercise regularly, she started following that which has shown to be successful.

On her Instagram, she posts weight loss tips, videos of her workout routines which focus on different parts of the body, healthy food recipes, and monthly suggestions of the fruits and vegetables which are in season. However, fitness is not the only thing she talks about. She shares her work life as a nurse and also showcases her acting skills. She acts in French TV series such as ‘Canape Club’ and also in music videos and clips for French and various international artists, such as ‘Le Woop’. Her acting clips along with her workout videos can be found on her YouTube channel @f1amanda. She is also interested in magic tricks and has worked for a few years with the mentalist Frédéric Da Silva in France and other countries. To pay for her studies, she has worked as a photographer as well and continues to do photography as a hobby now. Being a fitness girl, she can also follow her love for food without worrying about her weight. She enjoys travelling a lot so she is also doing a little ‘world tour’ to visit various places that she wants. Some of the places which she has been to include Portugal, Santorini in Greece, New York, Dead Sea, and Tel Aviv in Israel.


To help others in achieving their fitness goals, Amanda has written her own 12-week fitness program called ‘ABC BODY’. It has 50 best exercises which would help one lose their weight, along with information and tips on them. She also has her own nutrition program called ‘ABC Nutrition’ which has menus for a balanced diet for 12 weeks. It has information and guidelines about what is healthy in a diet and also helps calculate one’s calorie needs. Both, ‘ABC Body’ and ‘ABC Nutrition’ are available in English as well along with French. For those who want to eat delicious food which is also healthy, she has compiled ‘ABC Recette Healthy’ which contains recipes for many trendy and nutritious recipes. It has creative ideas for all sorts of dishes, from starters and main dishes to desserts and detox drinks. This makes it the perfect recipe book to refer to for anyone who is a food lover yet also wants to eat healthily. All these books are available to buy on her website Amanda encourages people to have health goals while keeping their bodies’ needs in mind and to not compare themselves to others, especially the edited pictures in magazines, as everyone’s bodies work differently. Those who want to try out her fitness methods can follow her Facebook page @amandabizfitness and her Holonis page as well at

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